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If my blog was more focused on a particular topic, titles would be easier to come up with.

Gave blood yesterday, it was interesting. Signed up to do it again next time too, my arm kinda aches today and I think it’s bruising, but it’s all good apart from that.

There’s a new Morrisons here, taking over where Netto was, nice to have somewhere to shop other than Tesco. (The Tesco here is terrible, no competition I suppose) It only opened on Monday but we looked earlier, and it was chock full of pensioners, just… Standing, annoyingly, or walking the wrong way. Anything’s better than Netto, although I don’t know where I’ll buy my massive boxes of broken biscuits now!

Been busy lately, catching up with college work, not much else going on. Playing Dwarf Fortress, just got my first goblin seige, all of them riding mounts, several riding mounts that could fly over my pitiful little walls! I survived, but my milita commander lost a leg and another guy lost an arm, and my alpaca and rabbit farm was decimated.

Bought the second book, haven’t read it yet though, guess I’ll go do that.