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College is over until after Christmas! I added £10 to my Steam wallet and have been spending it on games over the past couple of weeks. (Roughly £1.50 to £2.00 a game) Things could be worse!

Super Meat Boy is awesome, I can only stand playing it in small bursts, but it’s still good! I just wish it wouldn’t crash quite so randomly.  Normally right after I’ve got a bandage and I’m on the winning lap too.

Bob Came In Pieces is a very cute little puzzle game, it’s on sale today and tomorrow for something like £1.75, you should check out the trailer on Steam. Zombie Driver is on sale too but I don’t think I’ll bother getting it. I have too many games already.

I bought the second Humble Indie Pack, it’s a “pay what you want” sale but if you pay under something like 5p, Paypal eats it all and then charges them extra. I’ve not had a chance to play with it yet but I’m building up a nice little pile of installers, I’d been meaning to buy Braid so that’s good. The first one suddenly appeared on Steam a week or so ago, about a year after the first “pay what you want” sale, and everyone who’d bought it got a code, which is pretty awesome.

I got shatter, which is is Breakout but it’s not bad. The Steam achievement for it is impossible but oh well.  I’ve had some fun playing with the story mode and the music is decent.

There’s a few games I’m watching out for next year. Rock of Ages looks pretty cool, Diablo 3 I haven’t been paying much attention to but I will grab when it’s released. Onni forced me to play through D2 and it was fun. Portal 2 is a given.

Found this Dungeon Keeper remake thing earlier that looks worth keeping an eye on

Some of the stuff I ordered for Christmas still hasn’t arrived, but I think it may be at the post office, I have to go out anyway. Wish whoever is delivering some stuff (A dedicated courier, not Royal Mail) would stop throwing stuff over the back gate into the garden, I don’t see it before I and all the dogs and the chickens tread on it and that’s no fun.

Thorax is developing a magnificent tail, him and Abigail look like this now, they’re much bigger than the Black Rocks, but I guess that’s because they’re designed as a dual purpose breed as opposed to just egg layers. He’s starting to develop some good behaviour, he protects the girls from the dogs now (Sophie charges them sometimes out of sheer excitement and he stands in front of them and pecks at her now, which serves her right) and he won’t eat before they do now, he just stands and looks manly.

It’s all fun.

Tidied my desk and have managed to keep it that way for almost a whole week.

This post didn’t have a title. I have fixed that.

Things to do, in no real order.

1. Pay up website

2. Look into getting a bus pass

3. Find pen. Don’t loose ink cartridges while looking for pen or you’ll be back to stage one.

4. Buy chicken corn.

5. Write a book. Oh wait maybe that’s more of a long-term goal.

6. Consider writing a book. That’s more like it!

7. Buy an xbox 360 controller

Picked Bella up from the groomers, she was getting to the point her face was all matted. She smells like talcum powder now.

Ate a thing of mini hotdogs a couple of days ago and it gave me a headache, maybe it’s cheap pork that messes me up. One thing I will say, Migralive give me lucid dreams. Two days in a row! First I was just annoyed I couldn’t wake up and ended up forcing myself back to sleep, the second I was walking around the grounds of my primary school, all as I remembered it. Thinking “Damn this is well made, my mind did this? I can properly see it and everything, and it’s all as I remember it!” looking at all the other kids and stuff. (Although they were just kinda posed like statues, I could manipulate them and everything by concentrating on it) Then I started hearing “Shaa-ron” “Shaa-ron” “Shaa-ron” echoing from nowhere and I couldn’t make it shut up, eventually I woke up to see what it was.

Turned out Sophie was lying on my head and snoring.

Getting there

Doesn’t look like I can get a replacement motherboard all that easily and there’s gotta be a reason it failed in the first place.

So for now, this is the plan.

Probably with a slightly more meaty power supply and Windows 7 from Software4Students (hopefully). It’s still about ohh… £500 more than we can afford, but whatever. Hopefully it’ll last me another five years+

Might reuse the case from my old computer. It’s an Antec Sonata II with the duct removed and the LEDS that can light up the entire room switched off. There’s another Antec case, possibly a Sonata I, lying around somewhere too. Might be under my bed.

Anyone else got any suggestions?


Happy Birthday To me! 21 feels so old. Sometimes I feel like I’m wasting my life not doing anything, but the garden is my focus at the moment. Following the Dig for Victory book advice and trying not to burn myself out by doing too much, but it looks really good at the moment. I’ve dug over both the flowerbeds hadn’t been touched in years. The house was empty for 2 years before we moved in, the woman who lived here before that didn’t really try, and we didn’t do anything with them last year. It was mostly dandelions and scrubby grass. The more I dig, though, the easier it gets. I found this blog, where somebody’s following the Dig for Victory book week by week, pretty interesting, but they look like they’ve been gardening a lot longer than me. Maybe I should try it next year! It was supposed to be for beginners after all. I’m thinking of digging an extra bed and maybe raising it up, for herbs and vegetables and the like.

So. For my biirthday I got two trees from Grandma and Granddad (apple and pear), a notebook from Jenny, based on the same Japanese theme she’s been following since I was 10, chickens from mum, chocolate from Terence and sweets and curry from Tera (Dinner tonight and every night :D! <3) We went out yesterday and bought a cake but haven’t eaten it yet.

Grandma and Granddad took us to the garden center today, I didn’t know Granddad’s car had back seats. xD Mum bought flowers and flowers and a little greenhouse, I got spinach and onions and cabbage plants. Oh and lots of lavender. And a strawberry plant. I wanted peppermint but they didn’t have the right sort.

If I just had a garden full of lavender I’d probably be happy, but vegetables look fun to grow too. On that thought, I should probably go back downstairs and fill the greenhouse, it might be frosty tonight.

Flowers… A few are nice but I don’t really see the point. Roses are pretty cool, built in garden defence and they stick around a long time, the ones in the garden right now are probably 80yrs old, gotta respect that. Lavender is useful and it smells awesome all year round, even when it doesn’t have flowers. You can distill the flowers into oil if you’re really into that kinda thing and it attracts the right bugs to the garden. Bedding flowers… Die or look like weeds for the rest of the year. It makes her happy though, so I’ll just have to have my little corner and she’ll take over the rest but make me maintain it. -_-;

But yes! The chicken coop has been ordered, the chicken lady has been contacted! Coop should arrive on the 27th (ish) and then we can phone the lady and she’ll sort out the chickens and deliver them in around 3 weeks.  It’s pictures like this that give me hope.

List of things!

Coop (tick)
5 chickens (half tick)
Chicken Feed (Feedstore)
Chicken Grit (Feedstore)
Sawdust – Easibed looks like the choice (Feedstore)
Hay (Feedstore)
Woodchippings for the ground (B&Q or maybe feedstore)
Feeder (Feedstore or Amazon)
Waterer (maybe x2 for feeder/waterer, one for inside and out) (Feedstore or Amazon)
Run-Toy (Pet Shop)
Book on wtf to do with chickens (3 ticks)

Wheelbarrow (Amazon? Argos?)
Shovel (I should have bought this today, also a garden fork and a trowel would be nice)

I’ve been following all the politics threads and everything, it’s actually really interesting. Just wanted to see who I should vote for to start with, but I’ve really gotten into it. But I’ll hush. Threw up a couple of updated maps of YearlingMirror, so back to that.


My teeth hurt. If this doesn’t clear up in a week I’m going to the dentist and paying to get it fixed. x_x Was halfway through a root canal when we had to move house and it just never got sorted out. The fact it’s hurting a lot is probably a bad sign, but the more it hurts, the more I chew at it and prod it with my tongue, and the more it hurts.

Things I need to do!
1. Attach new garden gate (Take the hinges off of the old one, spray paint them, attach them to the new gate that’s sitting in the living room) The gate that’s on at the moment is totally rotten and bits keep falling off. I’ll probably do this tomorrow.
2. Dig out a flowerbed in the front garden, even if I don’t put anything in it, there obviously used to be ones there but they’re all about 5+ years overgrown. Would make mowing the lawn easier too since I wouldn’t have to mow the flowerbeds as well. I’ll say I’m gonna do this tomorrow but in reality, I won’t.
3. Clear the back garden up, dig beds, buy bricks and mortar and concrete and build a raised vegetable bed, plant vegetables in it.
4. Learn to drive so I can move heavy things around.
5. Buy wood
6. Turn wood into chicken coop
7. Buy chickens.

8. Cry when dogs eat chickens
9. Dog-proof chicken run and buy more chickens

Ok, maybe not all of that is gonna happen any time soon. But chickens would be awesome, and I really do need the clear the garden. The weather is finally improving and it’s about the right time of year I guess. Need to get the patio bit resurfaced too, as well as clear out the shed.

Things for today!

WoW offered me a free 7day trial. Been messing with it, but nothing’s grabbing me. Apparently my guild broke up, as did the guild I was going to join. Just, I dunno. But 7 days for free so oh well! Tera, and Chibi, that means you get 7 days free too? Log in and check!

They’ve started selling eastereggs already, that means by birthday must be soon, doesn’t it? (Edit : Google says April4th, and that easter will fall on my birthday in 2014! Awesome~)

Things I want and will probably have to save up for myself!

A decent harddrive since Christmas never worked out.
A nice, quiet, maybe even fanless graphics card and possibly a whole new computer to go with it.  Then I can copy Tera and attach this one to the telly and use it to just play emulators all day. That would be good. Would give me a reason to go downstairs sometimes too.
Books and, if possible, immortality. (Which I would totally go for)

Other than that, I’ve spent most of the past couple of days playing StoneSoup, basically a NetHack type thing. It’s fun, even if I never get very far. I don’t think I would have got the controls half as fast if I’d never played DF though.

Also, I got Mount&Blade in the Steam sale (<3) but haven’t really had a chance to mess with it yet, it looks similar to Oblivion. Was interesting that both Steam and Paypal objected me to being abroad. It’s understandable when you think about, but still a little annoying if you’re not expecting it and the sale ends in a couple of hours. :p

Hmm. I kinda wanna play Spelunky again too…



If the world was ending and you could only take 3 games with you, what would they be and why?

For me it’d probably be :


Dwarf Fortress

Probably a good racing game, if I’m gonna be stuck with these games forever, I don’t want it to be something that’s the same every time but I do crave a racer every now and again.


I only have three pairs of shoes.

I don’t understand why people need more.

This is pretty cool. This too. This is a pretty webcomic, on the same awesomeness level as BoxerHockey, and finally, this is a pretty interesting webcomic. (It’s written by a 5yr old and drawn by a pretty decent artist)

Bought a SomethingAwful account, for the hell of it. Haven’t gotten myself banned yet, which is a good sign.

Hmm. Played some Left4Dead1 earlier, was pretty fun. I prefer L4D2 though, it seems, I dunno, smoother? Maybe the server really didn’t like me, but it felt I was running around on ice.

On that note, it snowed again a little bit last night! It’d all melted by lunchtime, but stillyay. I <3 snow. Pavili says there’s lots of snow in Finland now but not so much coldness, I never knew it worked like that, I guess I always thought the snow controlled the weather, more snow on ground = MORE COLD EMANATING IN AN UPWARDLY DIRECTION = COLDER TEMPERATURES.

Hmm. Those elephants I made out of clay? Emmy ate them.

She now has a white Hitler mustache, to go with Sophies black one. I need to take photos of them but I always forget to upload them. They’ve both gotten pretty big now.

Done for now, can’t think of anything else. Bed time!


I keep going to write this, and then getting distracted by shiny objects. I have like, six webcomics on my “to check out” list and yush. Emmy is barking at me, I don’t know why.

Had pizza for dinner, they apparently opened a Dominoes around here somewhere, must be the first time I’ve had that in like, almost two years. xD

Emmy is chewing my shoes now…

Booked the plane tickets for feb, Tera paid for them but I’ll pay him back. Should be fun! I will go back to Finland eventually, promise. When I can drive and we can hire a car or something. Plane ticket company keeps sending me emails now. “HIRE A HOTEL” “HIRE A CAR” “GET TICKETS FOR ALL THE AWESOME ATTRACTIONS”

I got the lava lamp working, bulb AND fuse had blown. I uhh… slept a lot… I dunno, I’m sure there’s other things but I can’t think of them.

I evicted Emmy from under my desk (where she was, worryingly, making “nom nom nom” noises) and she’s now lying on her back and attacking a clear plastic box.

I am in love with this webcomic. <3

Taught Emmy to stand on her hind legs. She has lots of tricks now! She gets bored so easily if left on her own… Not like Sophie, who falls asleep if you just stand still long enough.

Oh yeah, I Found my pendrive!

Thing to put on it

1. Some terrible films.

2. All the Austin Powers movies.

3. Dwarf Fortress~ <3

4. …Dunno. Thunderbird I suppose, emails are always useful. 8gb of space to fill, although, movies fill that pretty fast.


Thing to take:


Insurance card and metro card thing I stole from Tera by accident. :(



Birthday and Christmas present, bought magazines too…

What shoes do I take! *spazzes out*

Webcomics I read! (Just for the hell of it)

MSPA – MS Paint Adventures – Updates a few pages just about every day, the amount of pages depends on how complicated he gets. This quote from the FAQ sums the whole thing up:

“My name is Andrew, and I have done some other stuff too. As for why I’m doing this, my objective is merely to make your day just a little more fucking awesome”

Digger – Furry comic about a wombat who gets a little bit lost and ends up on an epic quest (much to her distaste). Comic generally updates a few times a week. It used to you had to pay to read the archives, but not anymore. It’s shiny and well worth reading. Her other art is pretty too, but I don’t think it’s all work-safe.

Jack – Another furry comic. A lot darker than Digger, not at all work-safe and sometimes a little hard to follow, but awesome all the same. Update schedule seems to be entirely up to the artists mood and the site does tend to suddenly disappear and reappear a week later with no notice, but he’s updating fairly often at the moment and the archives go back a long way.

SMBC – Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal – Updates every day, you gotta remember to mouseover the red button underneath it too though. Always fun.

XKCD – Seriously, who doesn’t read this? I’m just waiting for that LotR comic to come out as a poster. I’m sure it will eventually.

BOASAS – Boy on a Stick and Slither – Philosophical comics, most of the time interesting but not very easy to link to people. I like it though. I dunno how often this updates, it seems to be another case of “when I feel like it.” (not that that’s a bad thing)

Sheldon – Nice to see every day, but I’m not overly bothered about it. If I missed a comic I probably wouldn’t bother to go back and find it. But it’s got it’s moments. Adding it here because it’s not a bad comic and he’s one of those people with the ability to spot truths.

A Softer World – I dunno to be honest. His photography is interesting, and the comics are always good. There’s also “I blame the sea” which can be shiny.

Neroid Picture Diary – Chibi linked me this a while ago, it amuses me.

Chainmail Bikini – Sort of. They finished the comic and it disappeared from the web, but now they’re reposting it, three posts a week or something. D&D comic, it’s fun. DMotR, another D&D comic using screencaps from LotR is worth reading through too.