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Watching a duck hatch, playing random games (huh, typing site:site.com search into the chrome address bar actually does a search on the website in question, not just Google. Shiny.) and reading forum topics. Bought The Longest Journey (last link) due to it being on sale, $5 with the discount applied at the checkout.

Not done much today, can’t take the dogs out because Emmy is on heat (And I mean it, I should be following her around with a mop, and the sheet over my bed is never going to look the same again. Forensics would come in here, assume there’d been a murder and arrest me on the spot.). I guess that means she’s a fully grown dog now, but don’t tell her that, I like her as a puppy. She’s still much smaller than the two big dogs. (Who have just celebrated their ninth birthday) but they’re both suddenly looking their age. Bella can’t walk as far as she used to and she’s getting stiff in her back legs, and all the fur on Lucys face has gone grey over the past year.

The cat isn’t showing her age at all, though. She’s something like 14 now and she still even has most of her teeth! She has become a lot more of a house-cat since we got the pups though, I was sitting on the sofa the other day and she actually came in for fuss while the dogs were there, she’s never done that before. I guess getting them sort of upset the thing she had going with Bella and Lucy, and forced a change in positions. They’re a lot more tolerant of her now than they were before.

My eyes are irritating me so I’m gonna leave this as it is.


The oil burner I bought.


This was sticky. I got absolutely covered in it and had to go take a shower afterwards.

But they turned out like this in the end, and they taste good, so everything is shiny! I like how the one in the top right looks like an overweight penguin. The recipe for them is from here. I didn’t make the hot chocolate though, since I had no chocolate and no food colouring. :p I put the heat on too high at first and that’s why they went brown, so I’ve gotta remember that for next time. Might halve the recipie if I make them again aswell, I did three trays and still had half the mixture left over. (It’s sitting in an icecream tub in the freezer, waiting to entangle and ensnare any unwary adventurer seeking icecream)

The Finnish biscuits I totally and utterly failed at. Again, they taste good though. (You can see I already started eating them, even in that picture) I’ll try making them again some time this week, and doing it properly, once we have more flour and butter. I found a recipie for gingerbread that looks decent too, and we have guests coming on thursday. So I shall have some fun.

That is how much I failed. Those were supposed to be biscuits. I decided after a while that the mix looked more like cake mix and poured it into a cupcake tray, with this result.

Oh and I found a picture of my cat, figured I’d throw it in. :D

Tomorrow, pictures of the new puppy… Yes, that’s two puppies now. Four dogs in total. Four dogs, two hamsters and one cat. My bedroom floor shall never recover! We bought a carpet washer yesterday and it arrived today, gonna have some fun playing with that.

Poor new puppy’s not well though, it came from a house where everyone smoked, and the vet said it’s lungs have got so much crap in them she couldn’t actually hear it’s heartbeat over the noise. She gave her a shot to open up her airways and clear out any infection, and the pup perked up a lot, I guess being able to breathe really does make a difference. :p She actually started sitting up and wandering around, instead of just lying in the corner and wheezing. We’re gonna take her back next week to see if her lungs have improved, have tests to see if she’s got a heart defect and possibly get her the first set of shots (Woman who owned her said she was 7 weeks old but the vet thinks that’s not likely since puppy has no teeth, probably more like 5)

We haven’t really confirmed on a name for her yet either. Asti, (After the booze) Sophie and “The retarded one” are all in the running. I’ll try and get some photos of her for tomorrow. While Emmy never stops moving, the retard-puppy still mostly sleeps. Wonder what she’ll be like when she’s grown a couple of weeks and her lungs have cleared themselves out.

(Also, WordPress is being a real pain about inserting images, I wonder what all that’s about. I had to go into the html-view and do it manually eventually)