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I keep going to write this, and then getting distracted by shiny objects. I have like, six webcomics on my “to check out” list and yush. Emmy is barking at me, I don’t know why.

Had pizza for dinner, they apparently opened a Dominoes around here somewhere, must be the first time I’ve had that in like, almost two years. xD

Emmy is chewing my shoes now…

Booked the plane tickets for feb, Tera paid for them but I’ll pay him back. Should be fun! I will go back to Finland eventually, promise. When I can drive and we can hire a car or something. Plane ticket company keeps sending me emails now. “HIRE A HOTEL” “HIRE A CAR” “GET TICKETS FOR ALL THE AWESOME ATTRACTIONS”

I got the lava lamp working, bulb AND fuse had blown. I uhh… slept a lot… I dunno, I’m sure there’s other things but I can’t think of them.

I evicted Emmy from under my desk (where she was, worryingly, making “nom nom nom” noises) and she’s now lying on her back and attacking a clear plastic box.

I am in love with this webcomic. <3

Taught Emmy to stand on her hind legs. She has lots of tricks now! She gets bored so easily if left on her own… Not like Sophie, who falls asleep if you just stand still long enough.

Oh yeah, I Found my pendrive!

Thing to put on it

1. Some terrible films.

2. All the Austin Powers movies.

3. Dwarf Fortress~ <3

4. …Dunno. Thunderbird I suppose, emails are always useful. 8gb of space to fill, although, movies fill that pretty fast.


Thing to take:


Insurance card and metro card thing I stole from Tera by accident. :(



Birthday and Christmas present, bought magazines too…

What shoes do I take! *spazzes out*