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day 15 – a song that describes me

I don’t think any song can “describe me” and it’s a confusing question. Describe me how? Anyway, this is Vast – My TV and You, because I like it and because I spend a lot of time staring at my screen, although I rarely watch actual TV. I did hook the computer in the living room up to the telly on Saturday though, mum was impressed!

Terence was here from Friday to Sunday, Saturday we went to Toys’r’Us, then food at Ikea and a wander around Marks and Spencers, Sunday we went to Grandma and Granddads and I played Pokemon with Jonty (And let him win a battle, eventually, after I’d neutered my team so they were 10 levels below his and 4vs6 :p)


Jenny apparently has a new Rabbit, she had to surrender the last one to the vet…

I did a trialpay thingy and got Trillian Pro for 99p via snapfish, I expect to have the contents of my “random pictures” folder arrive in the mail from Snapfish some time soon too. I ordered photos properly off them before but they arrived as much awful quality that it put me off ever doing it again. (The colour balance was all off, despite it being fine in the original pictures they were all dark and murky)

Reinstalled Trillian anyway and the thing I wanted now works but… It feels like I’m using an older version than what I was, it keeps bugging out now and tabbing windows won’t work. Oh well, I think I moved onto a beta version by accident. Typing wakeupvisi into an IM window at me now sets off my alarm, should be interesting. xD

Taking Emmy to the groomers tomorrow, she’s getting matted on her stomach. Oh and I painted the front gate when I got home from college today, it’s now stained “dark oak” I didn’t realise until I opened the tin, I thought I’d bought “fresh pine” or something, but it looks ok. Gonna go back and buy a bigger tin, do the chicken coop and the shed and the bench, any colour is better than ginger.

Pokemon is still fun!

day 09 – a song that changed the way I view myself

Man, I set myself all the challenges don’t I… This one took thinking about. Don’t laugh.

Good Charlotte – The Young and the Hopeless. – The Anthem

Haha, I still remember all the words. I said don’t laugh, after a few months I graduated onto Green Day, then.. Alkaline Trio, (<3) then I met Onni and he went "wtf are you listening to?" and I gave it up. But it was the first thing I listened to where I thought "Maybe I can listen to and admit to liking music, maybe I should see what else there is out there" I still don't mind Green Day, the kids next door blast it in the summer, makes me think of mowing the lawn to Warning and American Idiot on a hot summers day. Not that we have a lawn at the moment. The chicken coop is so much better up on the patio, apart from the fact the mud won't rot the wood, it's just much more accessible. Might put down some grass seed and limit the chickens to the main flower beds for a couple of weeks, it's worth a thought. Pokemon is still fun!

Day 08

day 08 – a song that you know all the words to

Cake : Comfort Eagle

Saw somebody with a couple of lyrics captioning their avatar on SA, wanted to know what it was and ended up with that.

Noticed that I could fit the chicken house onto the patio and it’d be much easier to get to and stuff, so I did that. Tied the door open with a piece of string but after I’d put them to bed the string was just loose. Emmy attempted to steal it, grabbing it, running away and then jerking to a half as the slack ran out.

Played more Pokemon and generally did very little today that I can remember.


day 06 – a song that reminds me of somewhere

Well, this is an album really. KT. Tunstall – Eye to the Telescope. It reminds me of sitting in a deserted pancake resturant/aquarium shop in the middle of Wales, with Jenny and Grandma and a very small Jonty, eating pancakes and looking at the koi carp while this played over the speakers.

Good song.

Played with PLCs again at college today, enquired about going on to do it at Uni or something, it was fun and I wouldn’t mind doing more, more than anything else I’ve done on this course so far. Got the results back last week for the Functional Skills exams, passed English, failed maths, nothing for IT but I know I passed it. It’s not going too badly, I’ll pass next time.

Played more Pokemon, 4th badge! New DS is nice too, it might just be because I’m not using the ezflash but I swear it holds a charge longer. Plus now mum’s got my old one she’s stopped complaining about how broken hers is, result!

WordPress is a bit of a pain about embedding videos…

Wrote this up last night and then forgot to post it.

day 05 – a song that reminds me of someone

Chibi – MSI – Stupid Motherfucker

Onni – Nick Cave – Nature Boy
I remember him sending me this, among of a lot of other songs.

I’ve always been bad at admitting I listen to music, it’s always just been easier to say “nah” then “yeah I like that” I guess because if I say “yeah” then I feel I have to justify it. I’m trying to get over that though. (One of the reasons I’m doing this and sticking with the last.fm)

Bought a new DS, well, preowned, but new to me. It’s turquoise! Got Pokemon with it and whee it’s fun! Ended up getting it from Game, the DSes were £10 more expensive but Pokemon was free, so it came out to the same price, only I have a reward card there.

I like it so far, it’s Pokemon, not much more to say, but I like the way they’ve gone with this version.