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*goes blind from glare*

Bought some proper wax and brushes and polished up my boots. I’m breaking them in again for winter and building up my leg muscles again so I can actually lift them off the floor. But they look like new again now and I’m happy. They’re over 3 years old now and the only thing that doesn’t look like new is they’re starting to wear at the back at the top. They were a lifesaver last year in the snow.

Helena, one of the chicks, has been renamed to Thorax, as she is apparently a man. So we now have Henrietta, Hermia, Abigail and Thorax. Still getting two eggs a day, wonder if I should have been feeding the chicks growers pellets instead of layers, but it’s too late now and they seem healthy and happy enough. And before you ask, no,  he’s not going for soup or Sunday dinner.

Every time Granddad comes round he has to go outside and look at them and nod sagely, every time he phones he asks how they are. I think they’re pets he secretly wouldn’t mind, a useful production animal! Might be a good idea to get another bag of pellets soon though.

College is good!