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Cakes and things.

Keep finding myself going back to using Opera instead of Chrome, so I end up with both of them open :/

I napped earlier, dreamt AND woke up with my alarm! But I missed the 7pm nap and the 8pm nap I was gonna take instead, because my brother was here and mum’s having a really bad day.

Me and Terence made a vanilla lemon sponge cake earlier, made two actually, but made them in loaf tins instead of round ones, because we made it while the dinner was cooking and it took longer than expected and finding round tins is hard. It split on the top like this and went a really nice colour, at which point mum convinced me to turn the oven off.

It sank like, 4 inches, went totally and utterly flat, shrunk in on itself and the split bit just ended up looking wrong. We ate the worse looking one (It tasted of lemon and awesome, even if it was a bit gooey) but I’ll go downstairs later and take a pic of the other one, just for the sheer wrongness of it.

Yes that was my dinner a couple of days ago. The rolls were hot from the oven and it woulda looked better if we hadn’t run out of walnuts.

I’m a faailure, sort of. Maybe not.

Fell asleep this morning and slept for 3 hours, I don’t remember dreaming. I don’t remember falling asleep either.  I napped an hour ago and actually managed to fall asleep, so that’s an improvement. I guess the adrenaline high I’ve been on is starting to wear through.

One interesting thing about all this, is it’s given me asthma, I’ve noticed it before when I get tired, my chest goes really tight. Oh well, nothing ventolin can’t cure.

Got part-way through American Gods, I like it so far. Nation arrived this morning but I won’t try and read both at once.

I dunno, I’m enjoying updating this at the moment, I like typing out long bits of text and the reason I’ve always given up on blogs before is I’ve been stupid and emo and never managed to think of anything to post after the first week. I always end up going back to it after a year, wincing at all the terrible posts and then deleting it all, must’ve done that to at least 5 blogs over the years. I did it to this one too before I restarted, only kept the page-a-day things and the odd post.

But the more I update this, the easier it gets to think of things to post about.

Maria, the woman who sold us the pups, came over today, she wanted me to take a photo of a dog she wants to sell, and to put it online (very cute female pomeranian, 3 months old, £350 but you can probably barter her down to £300 if you really try, sold as owners are unable to give it enough time due to work), I think she was hinting she’d give it to us cheap, but no way. xD It was awfully cute, but it was also very shy of the other dogs and, also, five dogs? Four is bad enough! I wonder at what number you reach the point where one more makes no difference. 6? 7? 10? 30?

I’ll post a picture of it later, I left the camera downstairs.