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Oh well

Emmy (I think) killed Baby Peep Peep, no marks on her except for a few lost feathers and her neck wasn’t broken. I think she just worried her until she died.

I’d noticed earlier on that Peep Pee wasn’t going around with the flock, she was just sitting on the compost heap by herself and sleeping. I fed her a little bit of wormer and she didn’t struggle when I picked her up. She wasn’t growing at the same rate as the others or putting on any weight either. (As a comparison, it takes me at least 5 minutes to catch the other two if I want to look at them or anything, and then they scream and struggle and try and flap their wings)

One of the dogs bought her up and left her on the landing for us to find. When Lucy killed the hamster she laid it out neatly in the dogs bed so it could have been her I suppose, but I don’t think so.

The chickens have free roam of the garden at the moment, the big two protect the little two and Emmy can’t really get near them, when they see her they all rush to the compost heap and wait until she goes away. Henrietta and Hermia stand on top of the chicks until it’s safe again.

Emmy did come in with an egg in her mouth yesterday, I extracted it and put it in the egg box, unbroken. I also extracted the unbroken fledgling and set it free in the garden, twice. Third time the chickens killed it I think. Pickle also bought me an unbroken bird, that one went to the RSPCA (Was before Emmy, but I didn’t feel safe setting it free in the garden) She came up to me in the garden with it in her mouth and went “moewph?” and then tried to run away, I thought it was dead but when I caught her she dropped it and it ran off.

It’s been an interesting couple of days.


Tera’s gone on holiday. No eggs yesterday, just one from Henrietta today. I think Emmy might have stolen them yesterday because I found some shell on the stairs… The terrible weather might be depressing them a little too, although it’s been pretty nice the last couple of days.

(I hope it goes shit again and we get more thunderstorms, they’re so fun!)

Chick (Which mum seems to have named “Baby Peep Peep”) still doesn’t seem brilliantly well, but on a better note, they’re roaming the garden and the dogs don’t care! When they see the dogs they rush back to the compost heap but Emmy totally broke down the fence a couple of days ago and there’s been no incidents.

Went outside and staked up all my tomatoes so they can get more light, although they might have nitrogen deficiency because a lot of the leaves are yellowing. They’re only in a tiny pot, I’m hoping the ones in the ground will do better, they’re already starting to flower some of them.

We ate one of the cabbages the other day. Whoa, not something I’d normally eat but it was damn good. I’m planting them again (further apart!) next year. It’s funny, the ones I planted in the ground went WHOOOSH and got huge, but the ones I planted in the growbag are still the same size, if not smaller, than when I put them in. All the Spinach went a bit ropey and into flower, so I pulled it up to make room for tomatoes and the cabbages.

Been playing and messing with the SDK for Alien Swarm, it’s been out a week or so now and it’s pretty awesome, even if the campaign does just feel like a tech demo. There’s some awesome mods coming out for it already. Waiting for Tera to come back off holiday so we can play it, although he has threatened to turn up on the doorstep, that would be fun.

One of the chicks is sick :(

One of the chicks is sick, I think. She’s got crusty eyes and she doesn’t try and run away as much as the other two. If I hold her she doesn’t try and struggle and she’s a little wobbly I put her down. I’m hoping it’s just because she’s been in a big flock, and that with some good food and tlc she’ll perk up. I’ve put some grapefruit extract in their water anyway, it kills off the algae if nothing else.

I’m bored, I think I’ll go work out how much my Steam account is worth.