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Anything post-appololypse cheers me up. Is that bad? I’ve spent most of today watching Survivors. Makes me happy. Even the sad bits.

There’s a British dub of the series of Life After People I should pick up too.

I guess the first thing I remember reading was¬†this. ¬†Dunno what happened to my copy, might’ve given it away when we moved, it might have just gotten lost over the years.

Tera’s Christmas present to me arrived. Shiny things and lots and lots of awesome nom nom nom sweets. Camera cable, how I have missed thee! Enough Salmiak stuff to last me a year! (Or, knowing me, a week)

It snowed a little overnight, went down to -2 degrees, 0 degrees during the day. Not as bad as Finland, which according to Google, was -20.