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Webcomics I read! (Just for the hell of it)

MSPA – MS Paint Adventures – Updates a few pages just about every day, the amount of pages depends on how complicated he gets. This quote from the FAQ sums the whole thing up:

“My name is Andrew, and I have done some other stuff too. As for why I’m doing this, my objective is merely to make your day just a little more fucking awesome”

Digger – Furry comic about a wombat who gets a little bit lost and ends up on an epic quest (much to her distaste). Comic generally updates a few times a week. It used to you had to pay to read the archives, but not anymore. It’s shiny and well worth reading. Her other art is pretty too, but I don’t think it’s all work-safe.

Jack – Another furry comic. A lot darker than Digger, not at all work-safe and sometimes a little hard to follow, but awesome all the same. Update schedule seems to be entirely up to the artists mood and the site does tend to suddenly disappear and reappear a week later with no notice, but he’s updating fairly often at the moment and the archives go back a long way.

SMBC – Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal – Updates every day, you gotta remember to mouseover the red button underneath it too though. Always fun.

XKCD – Seriously, who doesn’t read this? I’m just waiting for that LotR comic to come out as a poster. I’m sure it will eventually.

BOASAS – Boy on a Stick and Slither – Philosophical comics, most of the time interesting but not very easy to link to people. I like it though. I dunno how often this updates, it seems to be another case of “when I feel like it.” (not that that’s a bad thing)

Sheldon – Nice to see every day, but I’m not overly bothered about it. If I missed a comic I probably wouldn’t bother to go back and find it. But it’s got it’s moments. Adding it here because it’s not a bad comic and he’s one of those people with the ability to spot truths.

A Softer World – I dunno to be honest. His photography is interesting, and the comics are always good. There’s also “I blame the sea” which can be shiny.

Neroid Picture Diary – Chibi linked me this a while ago, it amuses me.

Chainmail Bikini – Sort of. They finished the comic and it disappeared from the web, but now they’re reposting it, three posts a week or something. D&D comic, it’s fun. DMotR, another D&D comic using screencaps from LotR is worth reading through too.

Happy new… Year… Or something.

Damn. This picture is awesome.

Today was… Long. Some of mums friends came round, we had a party-type meal, gave them gifts. The deaf anorexic, the diabetic with no feet and the one who had a nervous breakdown a couple of weeks ago after her son stole all her money or something. Gave them some keyrings, some superman DVDs and a teapot. They all seemed to enjoy themselves anyway, everyone liked seeing Terence, even if he did come out with comments like “Your shoes are huge, your feet must be enormous :D!”

I miss Manchester so much sometimes. Sure it’s less polluted here, but it’s not half as interesting. Most interesting things here this week is yesterday a police car pulled up next door, police went in and then left some time later and sometimes I see a lady and her partner go by, pushing a buggy.

And by that, I mean I see them go by at 1-2am. I wonder where they’re going, where they’re from and why the poor brat isn’t in bed. Noticed them because the buggy made a funny noise in the snow.

Mum’s discovered Scribblenauts. Maybe it’ll replace pic-pic, she’s almost done all 400 of the drawing puzzles. What on earth do I find for her to do once she’s finished all those! She refuses to go through and do them all again and Sliterlink is all in Japanese and seems to have many irritating cascading menus before you reach the actual game. Teraa ;_;  I only messed with it for two minutes before giving up though, I guess I should prod it again.

Being Human is on telly on Jan 10th and Survivors is on Jan 12th. Been updating my notes page with things I can think of. There’s a tab for it at the top. I need to remember to set the Sky+ for them, tried yesterday but it only goes up to the 7th. I think they’re on BBC3.

Emmy, for some reason,  has taken to sleeping downstairs on the box at the end of the sofa. (The sofa has a foot on it and at the end is a box/trunk that can be used as a seat, sort of. It’s got a blanket on it but it’s damn uncomfortable.) Dunno why. If I go down there for something, she follows me back up, but she’s also taken to asking to be let out of my room in the mornings. I guess she’s going through the teenage independant stage. She’s all skinny with long legs at the moment.

Oh and I taught her “beg” and “lie down” and “sit” earlier! But I think she’s getting them more from hand gestures than words. She’s not stupid anyway, took Bella seven years to learn “lie down” and that was an hour of me standing in the hall, saying lie down, kicking her over (gently of course) and then giving her the treat. I’m sure I’ve taught her something since we came here but I can’t remember what. Beg, sit, paw, lie down.

I remember now! I taught her to sit at “fip” instead of “sit”

Endless amusement.


Playing with GoogleChrome, I got an invite to the GoogleWave beta earlier and Opera couldn’t handle it, Opera was also having issues with some other sites. Chrome actually likes WordPress a lot more than Opera too it seems, this post suddenly has a spellchecker.

The only thing I’m disliking about Chrome so far is the fact you can’t change or disable keyboard shortcuts. I’ve downloaded this thing called “Autohotkey” to fix that, though, and I think I’m in love. It would be better by loads if Chrome came with it’s own shortcut editor, as you can’t change the ones that’re preset (I can’t have ctrl+n for a new tab instead of a new window, for instance, or ctrl+d for paste-and-go because it opens some stupid bookmarks thing) but you can work around those.


Ballistas are fun.