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x amount of days till Christmas! The sign I passed earlier announced 8 but I think it was wrong.

You think Southport’s bad? Try going to Llandudno in the late afternoon/early evening. Walked along the beachfront there with grandma, and there was a good 1/4 of a mile of old people packed onto the benches, and a guy going up and down playing music at them. Grandma ran away, determined to dye her hair, lose weight and never be associated with any of them.


I got fed up a while ago of my start menu filling the whole screen, so I took an afternoon and organised it, it’s much easier now.

Anyway, I got up at 8:30 today, fed the puppies, slept until 10am then went to the options at 11. He says my vision is perfect in one eye and isn’t perfect but still could be a lot worse in the other, not bad enough that he thinks I need to wear glasses if I don’t wanna, and not bad enough to cause migraines. I felt sorry for the two old people in there, though. They were a couple and every time they thought they could leave, he’s announce something along the lines of “NO WAIT NEED TO TEST YOUR PERIFERAL VISION STILL” they were there being tested before I got in, and still being tested when I left. At one point he made the above announcement, and then took me away instead of them! And since they were a couple, neither could leave before the other.

Went into Superdrug, was unimpressed, went into Boots, bought myself a new hairbrush. Woulda bought mum something for Christmas, but there’s nothing interesting to buy around here, and the theme this year seems to be “Cosmetics.” Makeup and shit that she wouldn’t be interested in. I’ve gotta go into St.Helens again anyway beofore Christmas as I managed to break the thing we bought Granddad for Christmas so I’ll pick something up then. Gonna go back into M&S with it and blag that it was like that when I bought it and we just didn’t notice. ;p

Helped mum wrap some Christmas presents (Closing my eyes and looking away at the points where she was wrapping mine) got a fair amount done. And that was today!


I’d name mine “Your Grandma”

Maybe I could get my blog to work without titles

I had a really screwed up dream earlier, so here I am.

Been really busy the last few days, sorting things out for Christmas. Tidying, messing it all up, tidying again. The kitchen looks good. Spent all of yesterday just clearing out the cupboards, organizing them, all the things mum uses a lot are at the bottom now, and all the things I use or she uses rarely are at the top where she can’t reach ;D Mum’s made mince pies (which we then ate all of over the course of an evening, they was good), a christmas cake and lots of interesting things. I might make another lemon sponge, but am probably gonna spend tomorrow tidying the living room.

Damn, it’s Thursday already. Think we’re gonna put the Christmas tree up on Saturday. Brother will be here on sunday and as long as mum’s ok and the weather’s good, we’ll go into st.helens for the Victorian thing they’re putting on.

Day before yesterday, we lost Emmy. Was eating dinner and realised she wasn’t jumping all over me. Called her, no response. Put dinner down and went to look for her.

Half an hour later I’m putting my coat on, getting ready to go walk up and down the street, when we hear a very muffled “mrrrr!”

Stupid, stupid dog had managed to jam herself under the cabinet behind the sofa. I guess the gap is about handwidth with all fingers spread. She still hasn’t really recovered, she’s been very quiet and subdued, and for most of yesterday she was actually content to just sit on somebody’s lap, she never does that! She’s resting her chin on my hand right now, makes it kinda hard to type but oh well. I dunno what happened down there or how long she’d been stuck before we started looking (I went upstairs for 45mins before dinner, mum wasn’t really watching her) but it definitely traumatised her somewhat.

I thought she was dead. I thought something had fallen on her or she’d suffocated somewhere and that we were gonna find the body by scent in a months time. Dunno why she didn’t bark or make a noise while we were looking for her, maybe she was embarrassed? :p “I can wiggle out of here, I totally can, they’ll never have to know, I can get out of this!”

Don’t think I’ve let her out of my sight since. xD

My computer has crashed twice today, in two different ways. One is a CPU or driver problem, the other is just XP throwing errors at me. I’m gonna start backing shit up, gathering drivers and all that, and then after Christmas when I’ve got a nice new hard-drive, I’m totally reformatting. I would do it now but since I’m gonna have to after Christmas anyway…

Question of the day. If you got £80million tomorrow, what would be the first things you’d buy? I’d buy myself a really nice, really expensive computer first off. Second things I’d buy would probably be a financial advisor and a holiday cottage. ;p