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Tooth pain and two different types of antibiotics.

Hmm. Why when I open this does my youtube video break? It should motivate me to write this shit faster anyway, normally I start typing, write 100 words or so and then get distracted by videos or chickens, and only remember it four hours later.

So yeah, I went to the dentist today, he looked at it, shrugged, charged me £16.50 and said he could take it out, I could go back to Manchester and get it sorted there, or I could pay £500~ and go private, which we can’t afford to be honest. I really, really don’t want it taken out. ._. Gonna look into how far the dental hospital is from the train station and what journey time is like, but knowing them, they’ll put me on a waiting list for a year+ before seeing me anyway.

I’m on ibrpoufen and two different types of antibiotics now, anyway, the abscess started going down on it’s own at about 5pm, I took the antibiotics at 7pm, supposed to take one every 8 hours or so, three times a day so I guess the next one is due at… 3am? Maybe I should go Polyphasic again, that was fun.

Out of randomness, the back of the antibiotics packet says “OMG DO NOT DRINK BOOZE WHILE TAKING THESE” the woman in the pharmacy said “OMG DO NOT DRINK WHILE TAKING THESE” and the dentist also said “YOU SHOULDN’T DRINK WHILE TAKING THOSE!”

…It does make me curious to find out what happens if I drink while taking them.

Still reading, The Dragonbone Chair did get more interesting after 100 pages in, as one of the reviews said it would, but it is a very stereotypical fantasy book, not that that’s a bad thing I suppose. I guess I like reading Fantasy because it’s easy. Real-world stuff doesn’t interest me much and I’ve never really been able to get into a proper sci-fi book. Neither of the two books that were released today have arrived yet, I’m hoping they’ll come tomorrow but I don’t really mind if it takes a couple more days, I’ve gotta finish this one now anyway and order the second in the series.

I still haven’t managed to get to Wilkinsons to buy screws or spray paint, was gonna do it today but failed and ended up shopping with mum instead. We went to St. Helens and wandered around the shops, found a shop that sells remaindered books (but most of them were rubbish), I got one full of classic horror stories anyway.

I’ve actually got quite a backlog of books to buy now, most of them to do with either writing or chickens, but I’m thinking of buying this first, a book on how to edit your writing. It seems like an interesting and useful read, and I often struggle with editin, these paragraphs are all over the place, I start on something and then abandon it and then pick it up again five minutes later. Stream of consciousness.

They were unveiling a statue of one of the Saints players today, they put it on like, a verge in the middle of the road, between Tescos and a multistory car park, I reckon it’ll be hit by a car within a month, but it wasn’t the best statue I’ve ever seen. We missed seeing all the Saints players by about five minutes, the bartender lady in Wetherspoons was very disappointed that she was stuck indoors watching when she could see what was going on through the window.

I poured £6 of pocket change into the Coinstar maachine and found a “Dime” underneath. I have no idea how much it’s actually worth, but it’s kinda cool. I’ll post pictures on here in a bit camera is uploading right now, it’s just remembering to do it.

And I’ve hit my word-count. Yay! *Edits badly and posts*


Dentist lady booked me in, going back tomorrow, 12:35. Ibuprofen is a miracle drug and I’ve basically been overdosing on it today, so I guess it’s probably an abscess. It’s not getting any smaller. Abscess is also a really weirdly spelt word.

Put a new motor in the Dyson, £16 refurbished off eBay, + special star-shaped screwdrivers. Still a lot cheaper than getting a new Dyson. I think the motors are £40 new. I managed to break the old motor, it’s… Complicated. It’s now sitting outside for the scrap metal guy anyway.

Still haven’t done the front gate, but I did tidy up the front garden a bit, gonna go out tomorrow if I get a chance and buy screws and metal spray, apparently we used up the previous can, and I can’t find the bag of screws that was in the toolbox.

Apparently there’s a Picross 3D due out in English in a day or two, that should be fun. Mum finished the DS game she’s been obsessing over and is currently a bit lost.

Hmm. According to Amazon, both Dragon Haven and The War of the Dwarves come out tomorrow, so that should be good assuming they arrive on time, there’s a couple of other books I’m thinking of getting too.

Currently trying to read The Dragonbone Chair, but it’s just not grabbing me so far. I’ll stick with it though as long as I can be bothered, it’s got some good reviews and I got a really nice copy off eBay for a couple of quid, it’s well read and soft and easy to read.

Time for more painkillers I think.

Typed this out over the course of a day, pretty much.

(4am) Going through my downloads folder, looking for something to do, I found the first episode of Dexter. No idea what it’s about or anything, just put it on and watched it.

Whoa. That was quite fun. *Goes to look for the rest*

(5am ish) Next… Oh look, I downloaded 28 Days later.

Verdict :
Damn. Seriously. I’ve gotta buy a copy of that now. Took me about 6 hours to watch it because mum kept interrupting me. But still… I can see where L4D got a lot of their influences too. *Goes to look up prices on Amazon*

I guess it’s a bit like “I am Legend” only done right. I am Legend was a terrible film but the book was decent, the only relation the film had to it was the title. And that reminds me, I had The Omega Man sitting in my “to watch” folder for a while, which was another film based on the same book, but never got round to looking at it. Wonder if it’s still around.

It keeps hailing and showing. Always both at the same time. Funfun. Makes a sound like frying bacon or steam when it hits the ground.

28 Weeks Later has finished downloading, lets see how it goes.

I’ve actually spent most of the morning reading Jack London’s “People of the Abyss” (you can read it here) and trying to discourage the kids from throwing snowballs at my window. :p It was funny, one kid was chucking snowballs and I just went and sat by the window, he was about to throw another one and then he saw me, and casually redirected it to next door, as if he was totally innocent.

28 Weeks Later verdict:

Well that wasn’t bad but I enjoyed the first one more. Is this the Horror genre I’ve heard so much about? I’ve never really paid any attention to it.

Think I’ll download this next. Amazingly unrelated to everything else I’ve watched today, but maybe I’ll learn something. Was tempted to buy it, but Christmas eats money.


Went to the Victorian thing in St.Helens, it was kinda fun. Apparently most of the interesting stuff happened on Saturday, but there was still a table selling good cakes and a room showing a film from 1897 and 1900. All the old horse-drawn and steam-trams. Tera, I woulda bought you a copy if it’d been for sale. ;p It was really interesting, all being narrated by a guy in a wheelchair. Bits of Manchester and Liverpool from 1900 too, all the sailboats and other interesting stuff. I liked how all the trams were sponsered by people like OXO and Hovis, and how it was mad-dangerous to cross a road, even back then. xD

I didn’t win anything in the raffle and we didn’t get to do the tour of the Mayors Parlour because some woman in a big hat shouted at us.

Huh, “Residents from local care homes will be offered transport to join in the activities and share their early Christmas reminiscences with local historians. That explains a lot. There were old people in wheelchairs EVERYWHERE. The room with the tea and cake was worst affected.

That was most of today, anyway. Brother went home at 8 and I got distracted by a book. “Spindle’s End” I found it in the bookcase, it’s a retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story, a kids book that’s been lying around for years and I’ve never bothered to read. (I think Grandma bought it for me) but it’s quite fun. I like the idea of magic it presents. Something chaotic that people just try and work around, to be avoided if at all possible. Interesting that it hasn’t gotten any ratings above 4 stars, but taking it for what it is, it’s not bad. It filled an evening, started it at around 7pm, it’s 11pm now and I’m about 3/4 of the way through it.

– Go AFK for 5 mins and make yourself a cup of tea!

Now I has mint tea and a gingerbread man! Well, had a gingerbread man. Nom nom :D Half tempted to pay my WoW account again but eh. It doesn’t seem worth it anymore. Left4Dead2 is down to around £18 now. Mysterious commenter, you tried L4D? What did you think of it? I should play it more but I lack motivation and get distracted so easily. I want the new Dwarf Fortress release already… I’m not whining… I want it finished already. xD All the new stuff he’s adding sounds like it’s gonna be shiny awesome. Battle is currently one of the weak points of DF, I’ve found. You encase yourself, lock all the doors, problem solved.

I’ve prodded myself into wanting to play DF again now… Damnit. Think Dragon age, think Dragon Age, think Dragon Age… I’ve gotten pretty far, for me, but I keep putting it down and forgetting to play again. ;D

My back aches

Thing about being allowed to sleep, is that it makes me lazy. That and I don’t have time at 5am to just churn out blog posts. Well, apart from that awesome dream I had, which I had to get up at 3am to write down.

Went shopping today, bought some christmas stuff, stocking fillers for brother. Got Grandma a little digital photoframe for her keyring, she might not be able to see it, but it was cheap, and I will try and find something else for her.

Bought some nice tea too. Ginger root, something else, Turmeric and liquorice root, it’s nice… (Oh look, here it is) Been into ginger tea the last few days, bought it to see if it’d help mum with her feeling sick all the time due to a fucked up stomach, which it does seem to do. That and I need something caffine free and hot to drink. Ginger tea does have a nice kick to it. Oh I bought a new bottle of Lavender oil too, the one I got when I got my nose pierced is finally almost gone.

There was a craft fair on in St.Helens, I bought two very pretty rocks but mum is insisting on wrapping them up for christmas, so no pictures. :p

Mum, Grandma, Granddad, Terence, Tera, Chibi, Johnty (For some reason, the “strike” option won’t stick)

I dunno what mum or granddad want for Christmas, I guess I’ll get him some novelty present, those amuse him and I bought mum a bracelet today but I’ll have to get her some other bits too.

Spoke to Grandma earlier, the stroke left her totally blind in one eye, and mostly blind in the other, and screwed up her short-term memory a bit. Doesn’t look like she’ll ever be allowed to drive again, they’ve given her a white stick and everything. Must be rough on her, she hates having downtime. When her first kid was born, she stayed at home for 3 months then went and begged for her job back, she was so bored, and she’s never really changed from that. Now it looks like she’s gonna be stuck at home for good. She sounded depressed on the phone, and is apparently buying me driving lessons for christmas… Wonder how auntie Jenny is coping on her own now she’s worn Grandma out.

Last note, I started, and finished, Nation last night. It was good. You might wanna look into getting hold of a copy of “Island of the Blue Dolphins“, if you liked it. Not sure if it’s still in print or not, but it’s a sort-of similar story.

Nation was interesting though, just from reading it I probably wouldn’t have known it was a Terry Pratchett book, it was better than that. Not that his stuff is bad, but it’s always very jokey and you know everyone’s gonna pull through in the end and everything’s gonna go back to (sort of) normal. This was different I guess. I liked it.

Bought a book today named “Rise of the Iron Moon” by Stephen Hunt, lets see how that fares.

I’m a faailure, sort of. Maybe not.

Fell asleep this morning and slept for 3 hours, I don’t remember dreaming. I don’t remember falling asleep either.  I napped an hour ago and actually managed to fall asleep, so that’s an improvement. I guess the adrenaline high I’ve been on is starting to wear through.

One interesting thing about all this, is it’s given me asthma, I’ve noticed it before when I get tired, my chest goes really tight. Oh well, nothing ventolin can’t cure.

Got part-way through American Gods, I like it so far. Nation arrived this morning but I won’t try and read both at once.

I dunno, I’m enjoying updating this at the moment, I like typing out long bits of text and the reason I’ve always given up on blogs before is I’ve been stupid and emo and never managed to think of anything to post after the first week. I always end up going back to it after a year, wincing at all the terrible posts and then deleting it all, must’ve done that to at least 5 blogs over the years. I did it to this one too before I restarted, only kept the page-a-day things and the odd post.

But the more I update this, the easier it gets to think of things to post about.

Maria, the woman who sold us the pups, came over today, she wanted me to take a photo of a dog she wants to sell, and to put it online (very cute female pomeranian, 3 months old, £350 but you can probably barter her down to £300 if you really try, sold as owners are unable to give it enough time due to work), I think she was hinting she’d give it to us cheap, but no way. xD It was awfully cute, but it was also very shy of the other dogs and, also, five dogs? Four is bad enough! I wonder at what number you reach the point where one more makes no difference. 6? 7? 10? 30?

I’ll post a picture of it later, I left the camera downstairs.


9:22am on.. Thursday, I think this counts as day 2.

Totally weird. I was just sitting here, nodding off, trying to force myself to stay awake, and suddenly, whoosh, I felt like goosebumps pass over my whole body and bam, I’m awake and alert! wtf was that. I’ve never had anything like that before, totally and utterly weird. (Edit an hour later, yep, still wide awake!)

I managed to doze a bit at 8am, but before that, the only nap I’d actually managed to get to sleep on, was 11am yesterday, and before that, was when I’d woken up at 2pm the day before after 4 and a half hours sleep. (Plus an hour lying awake) Maybe the human body can produce it’s own caffeine? Adrenaline? I am starting to feel it though.

I read a book last night that I really enjoyed when I was a kid, nothing too challenging. I half-heartedly looked for the rest of the series for download, but could only find one, unseeded audio book and I’m not in the mood for audio at the moment.

Now that I think about it, that’s another book I stole. It’s not something I do often, honest! I was in… Year 5 when I grabbed it? Yeah, around that, picked it up off the shelf in the classroom, read it, got my friend to read it, read it again and never got round to giving it back. It’s lasted, though, I read a lot faster now than I did then, but I still enjoyed it, despite it being a kids book.

I think one of the things that differentiates kids books from adult books a lot of the time is the language used, they’ll simplify and simplify until only a 5yr old can enjoy it, and then an adult will read through it, either out of curiosity or because there’s a 5yr old in the room, and decide that all childrens books are the same, hideously simple, and that they’ll never read another one. While some of them are pretty decent stories once you get into them. I guess you’ve just gotta lower your expectations slightly and take it for what it is.

American Gods just arrived, I guess I’ll go read that.

Nom nom pear tart

Today arrived – 1 christmas tree, three DS chargers, 3 complimentary DS styluses and 2 free yorkshire-tea teabags. I also bought GalCiv, because for 61p

Neverwhere was fun. I don’t know what I was expecting, I guess I thought it was gonna be more of a kids book. I hadn’t really read anything about it beforehand, or even read the back, but I prefer to do that, otherwise I latch on to some stupid spoiler and then I spend the whole book waiting for it. Overall, it had a really surreal atmosphere, the bit where they try and convince him he’s actually nuts and just wandering the streets babbling, I was sort of waiting for that to be the case for almost the entire book. xD It was a good read though.

I’m not really fond of ebooks, reading them makes my eyes go a bit weird, and half the time they’re formatted horribly and everything is just one long massive paragraph. I think it was starting at a page of black text on a white background for too long that set the migraines off. I haven’t had another one since I went to the doctor, so who knows. Maybe I was just being empathic, it was around that week that grandma had the stroke, but I didn’t learn that till the migraines were gone.

Streaming Children in Need, not tried the iPlayer before, it’s actually pretty decent. News is on now, floods, swine flu, football… I’ve had the Swine Flu so I guess there’s no need for me to worry about that, it knocked me out for a couple of days, but I survived. The floods thing is pretty interesting, if you chose to live next to a lake/stream, though, you’ve gotta accept that floods are gonna be a possibility. Whoa, news footage of a MASSIVE bridge all chopped in half. Awesomeness. Yeah it’s sad the policeman died, but shit happens. I like how it looks like something’s just eaten part of the bridge.

Heh, apparently Sophie just managed to drink a bowl of wipped cream mixed with Advocaat, I’ve gotta go see this.


It’s 5am. I finished Neverwhere.

Damn. I guess I’ve got a new author to collect now.


Site went down randomly, yesterday, apparently they were doing something to the server, or something. It’s always been fairly reliable so far though, and for something like £25 a year, it’s not too bad. If I put a link here, I also get somehting like 10% off next time I have to pay! but since I pay yearly, I guess there’s not much point :p I think I’m also on an older plan, which was cheaper, works out to around $3/month.

Hmm. Yesterday was halloween, that was fun. I carved my pumpkin and it came out awesome, and I got to hand out sweets to all the kids that came by. There’s loads around here, didn’t used to see more than one or two where we lived before, but there was enough last night that we ran out of sweets.  Emmy kept escaping and running rings around them, one poor kid fell over trying to catch her. I’ll upload a picture of the pumpkin later, as well as another video I took of the dogs.

As far as we know, grandma’s still in hospital, tried to phone granddad earlier but he was out or something, he didn’t answer the phone anyway. Lets hope nothing’s happened to him as well…

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