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I’m neglecting this!

Die2Nite is fun. This college course is gonna fall to bits before a year is out due to absolutely nobody giving a shit.

I bet you know the electronics teacher though. He went on for an hour about how awesome phones and switchboards are (were) and how it’s a shame we’ve lost all that now it’s all done on computers. He wasn’t even supposed to be talking about phones, the lesson was on magnets.

It snowed a little bit! But it’s all melted now. I enjoyed it and I’m glad I wore in my awesome boots. Bought another waterer for the chickens because it keeps freezing solid when I forget to bring it in overnight.

I hope it snows again soon.

Go go stream of conciousness.

Pictures! I thought I’d taken more than this.

WordPress is a pain. It absolutely refuses to give me the tab so I can use the gallery feature. (And when I type that, it finally loads the tab! damn thing)

I only have three pairs of shoes.

I don’t understand why people need more.

This is pretty cool. This too. This is a pretty webcomic, on the same awesomeness level as BoxerHockey, and finally, this is a pretty interesting webcomic. (It’s written by a 5yr old and drawn by a pretty decent artist)

Bought a SomethingAwful account, for the hell of it. Haven’t gotten myself banned yet, which is a good sign.

Hmm. Played some Left4Dead1 earlier, was pretty fun. I prefer L4D2 though, it seems, I dunno, smoother? Maybe the server really didn’t like me, but it felt I was running around on ice.

On that note, it snowed again a little bit last night! It’d all melted by lunchtime, but stillyay. I <3 snow. Pavili says there’s lots of snow in Finland now but not so much coldness, I never knew it worked like that, I guess I always thought the snow controlled the weather, more snow on ground = MORE COLD EMANATING IN AN UPWARDLY DIRECTION = COLDER TEMPERATURES.

Hmm. Those elephants I made out of clay? Emmy ate them.

She now has a white Hitler mustache, to go with Sophies black one. I need to take photos of them but I always forget to upload them. They’ve both gotten pretty big now.

Done for now, can’t think of anything else. Bed time!

Chocolate and Nom!

Thought you’d just decided it wasn’t worth commenting anymore. :p And you should try DF, it’s fun. You don’t have to have the ascii graphics either. It does takes an hour or two to work out the controls though. But once you’re in, it’s awesome.

More snow is predicted here today or tomorrow, it’s only today that’s it’s actually started melting. Had huge icicles outside my window, I’ve never really seen icicles before!

I keep getting distracted from writing this by Dwarf Fortress. This has been open about 5 hours now and the above two paragraphs are all I’ve managed.

I made a fortress in a wilderness/terrifying area.  My seven starting dwarves set off, but a week or so after landing and starting to dig their new home, six of the seven were killed by Tigermen. The one lone survivor dug himself in and became quite content for a while, even with a broken arm that stopped him sleeping.

After a few weeks of living on his own, a group of seven migrants arrived. Survivor dug himself some nice rooms and went to sleep off the broken arm.

A season or so later, three Skeletal Lions appeared at the top of the main staircase. They smashed through the doors and proceeded to slaughter everyone they came across, man and animal alike. Survivor was struck down in his bed and eventually there were only two dwarves left, both locked and slowly starving to death in their bedrooms. These two brave dwarves were about to make a final lunge at the enemy, knowing that their fortress was soon to fall.

But what’s this! Some migrants have arrived! Slowly, around twenty migrants trickled in, all getting slaughtered by the lions, despite their efforts to fight back. Eventually one fishcleaner and a kitten led the lions away for long enough that the last six migrants could sneak into the fortress and seal themselves in. With enough food and booze to survive, as long as they could get a door up between the farm and the lions, they’d be fine forever. But the room they were sealed into had no mining picks for expansion, basically, it was a dining room. Tables and chairs and a masons workshop.

They made a brave effort to get a new door in place, which they did, a moment later!

Both lions wandered off the map.


Time to start clearing out the bodies and deal with the skeletal chimpanzee problem.

Snow snow snow! :D

Watched the first season of Six Feet Under, for lack of anything better to do. Downloading Heroes S02 at the moment, because I feel I should see if it gets any better after s01, and I kinda wanna see where it goes, while at the same time not really caring.

I played some Multiwinia (Turn your speakers down before you click that) and Bullet Candy. I love having two screens, I can watch shit on one, and play games on the other, both at the same time! I’d hate to have to go back to one now… I admit I paniced at the sheer size of this thing when it arrived, but it’s been well worth it.

It started snowing last night and it kept it up for about 18 hours. Good eight inches or so of snow. I ran around in it and built a very small snowman, which Emmy then ate. Emmy ran around in it too, it was deeper than her shoulder, so she kept mainly to my path. Sophie went out too, fell in, had to swim back to the house and decided no, that wasn’t the life for her. They were so funny to watch though. I should try and get a video of Bella bounding through it, she can’t just walk like normal, she has to jump like a rabbit. There was another moment where Lucy ran at me, veered off the path so she didn’t hit me, sank into the snow and came to a very sudden halt, she had to kind of turn around and go back the way she came.

It’s so awesomely pretty and shiny and it’s like running around in icing sugar! I watched the news for a bit and it lots of rambling about how this is the most snow in 30 years or whatever and how we’re all gonna grind to a halt and die and how everyone who leaves the house falls over on their front door step and breaks both their legs and then has to wait six hours for an ambulance to arrive. But I’ll admit, I’ve never seen more than a couple of centimeters before, (that I remember) so it’s all new for me.

There’s a giant hedge-tree thing out back, it’s in somebodys untended garden and it covers like, three gardens now, it’s huge and all the birds live in it, bats too, and it’s totally collapsed under the weight of the snow! A lot of birds are very unhappy, but on the bright side, I can see loads of houses and gardens I’ve not seen before! Spying is fun.

Oh yeah, unrelated, I also watched Rocky2. It was ok I guess. A different sort of film, but it didn’t grab me that much. I’m sure I’ll get through the whole series eventually.

I’m gonna go out tomorrow and buy milk or something. Just for an excuse to run around in the snow. Whee! I’ll take my camera with me too.

Christmas Pics

IrfanView will mass-resize images, that’s nice to know.

On that note, here are some pictures and whatnot from Christmas. Doesn’t crash so long as I only get a couple at a time.

I didn take many.


Reformatted, because, why not. Almost back to normal now.

Still crashes though.

I guess it probably is the CPU itself, but if I want a decent new one, I apparently need a new motherboard and then things seem to get horribly complicated. Oh well. That’s what I get for buying stuff off eBay. Onni I miss you. ._.

Maybe I’ll try and save up pocket change for a new PC and not get a laptop for my birthday. I only want it so I can sit in bed and watch stuff on my desktop and still be on IM at the same time. ;p

I think this PC was around £500 new, without monitor or anything, but that was a good few years ago and bits have been replaced since then. (it only had 1gb ram, graphics card that blew up, single core cpu that’s still in the drawer next to me for if things go horribly wrong) but suppose I’ll start looking into it. Paid extra to get this one put together for me, but I think I can probably manage now, that brings costs down slightly.

I found my powerball! It was in the pile of clean washing. I guess I put it down there and then washing got put on top of it. *spins it happily and watches the pretty lights*

I watched 28 days later with commentary, it was interesting. They made it all with a tiny budget and the empty city bits by pleading with people to stop their cars. I watched half of Dawn of the Dead before getting bored and going to sleep.

Most of the snow and ice has melted, there’s only a little bit of ice left where the sun doesn’t melt it as easily. It was nice while it lasted though.

Final thing. I wanna go polyphasic again, waking up and realising it’s 3pm or whatever is annoying. Maybe I’ll do that after going over to see Tera again, but for now I’m gonna find some breakfast. I HUNGER.

Mince Pies and Toilet Seats.

Dexter has really awesome opening credits. It’s rare that I’ll actually sit through credits but I actually like these.

It feels like I didn do much today, even though I sorta did. Had to wake up early this morning because Sainsburys failed to deliver the turkey when they delivered the shopping yesterday and had to send it this morning instead. Honestly, with meat? I don’t like roast dinners… I like the meat, but I like it cold and in sandwiches more than I like it hot with other stuff. Trying to convince mum of this, getting there slowly.

Went to Boots, picked up mums perscription. Bought some stuff from Wilkinsons and some sandwiches for lunch. All the snow got trampled down, then froze solid, so it’s like walking on an icerink out there. I dunno though, I kinda liked the challenge.

Went back home, fitted a new toilet seat (Well it amuses me…) Then mum made mince pies and… Something something something big memory blank. All I remember is mince pies and cups of peppermint and ginger tea. Oh, and I ordered a proper copy of 28 Days Later. Got the 2-disc version of just that, instead of the one including 28 Weeks Later, I wasn’t as impressed with the second film.

Hmm. Mouse is still working, clicker-wire is still gone. I suppose I could salvage a bit out of another mouse but I dunno if it’s worth it. It’s actually kinda nice to have a smooth scroll.

I dunno what else. Dun think I’ll sleep tonight. In too good a mood. Might go have a shower in a bit though.

They canceled Dollhouse, that makes me a bit sad but Americans are so focused on ratings, I guess it was inevitable eventually. They seem to shoot their stuff one ep at a time and can cancel it at any moment, while the British just churn out a whole series then see how it goes. I want the new Doctor Who and the new Being Human already.

Oh well. Soon enough.


Anything post-appololypse cheers me up. Is that bad? I’ve spent most of today watching Survivors. Makes me happy. Even the sad bits.

There’s a British dub of the series of Life After People I should pick up too.

I guess the first thing I remember reading was this.  Dunno what happened to my copy, might’ve given it away when we moved, it might have just gotten lost over the years.

Tera’s Christmas present to me arrived. Shiny things and lots and lots of awesome nom nom nom sweets. Camera cable, how I have missed thee! Enough Salmiak stuff to last me a year! (Or, knowing me, a week)

It snowed a little overnight, went down to -2 degrees, 0 degrees during the day. Not as bad as Finland, which according to Google, was -20.