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They should all have descriptions. Click and click again for big!

Apparently the alt-text option doesn’t work. Irritating.

Pictures! I thought I’d taken more than this.

WordPress is a pain. It absolutely refuses to give me the tab so I can use the gallery feature. (And when I type that, it finally loads the tab! damn thing)

Christmas Pics

IrfanView will mass-resize images, that’s nice to know.

On that note, here are some pictures and whatnot from Christmas. Doesn’t crash so long as I only get a couple at a time.

I didn take many.

Nom nom pear tart

Today arrived – 1 christmas tree, three DS chargers, 3 complimentary DS styluses and 2 free yorkshire-tea teabags. I also bought GalCiv, because for 61p

Neverwhere was fun. I don’t know what I was expecting, I guess I thought it was gonna be more of a kids book. I hadn’t really read anything about it beforehand, or even read the back, but I prefer to do that, otherwise I latch on to some stupid spoiler and then I spend the whole book waiting for it. Overall, it had a really surreal atmosphere, the bit where they try and convince him he’s actually nuts and just wandering the streets babbling, I was sort of waiting for that to be the case for almost the entire book. xD It was a good read though.

I’m not really fond of ebooks, reading them makes my eyes go a bit weird, and half the time they’re formatted horribly and everything is just one long massive paragraph. I think it was starting at a page of black text on a white background for too long that set the migraines off. I haven’t had another one since I went to the doctor, so who knows. Maybe I was just being empathic, it was around that week that grandma had the stroke, but I didn’t learn that till the migraines were gone.

Streaming Children in Need, not tried the iPlayer before, it’s actually pretty decent. News is on now, floods, swine flu, football… I’ve had the Swine Flu so I guess there’s no need for me to worry about that, it knocked me out for a couple of days, but I survived. The floods thing is pretty interesting, if you chose to live next to a lake/stream, though, you’ve gotta accept that floods are gonna be a possibility. Whoa, news footage of a MASSIVE bridge all chopped in half. Awesomeness. Yeah it’s sad the policeman died, but shit happens. I like how it looks like something’s just eaten part of the bridge.

Heh, apparently Sophie just managed to drink a bowl of wipped cream mixed with Advocaat, I’ve gotta go see this.

Still alive!

Been sorta busy, I will update this tomorrow, if I’m coherent enough.


Didn’t get to go out today after all… Mum wasn’t feeling well enough. She has good days and bad days. :/ It didn’t seem worth going on my own, so I made some pancakes instead. I’d have made a sponge cake too but we’re out of flour. I want a proper one, with lots of vanilla, and jam and wipped cream. Since we were out of flour, I used batter mix for the pancakes, but I wasn’t impressed, I think I’ll stick to my awesome american-pancake-mix recipe next time.

So yeah, I ended up just playing more Dragon Age today, according to the character sheet I’m 14% of the way through or something. It’s a lot of fun, I put my warrior to one side earlier and made a mage, it’s interesting to see everything again from a different point of view, my first character was a nice friendly dwarf warrior, second character is an elf mage with a chip on her shoulder. They put such an amazing amount of work into this game, the voice acting alone…

I washed both puppies yesterday, it’s funny how they both have such different personalities. Emmy sat down on the bottom of the shower, put her face in the water and enjoyed the whole thing. Sophie ¬†on the other hand, kept trying to run away, shook a lot and cried exactly like a baby. The whole time I was washing Sophie, Emmy kept trying to drink the water. I went back in there an hour or so later for something and Emmy followed me, sat down in the shower and barked, like she wanted me to do it again.

After I’d washed them and was having a quick shower myself, Sophie stood around and cried and shivered and looked generally miserable, while Emmy spotted the towel, dragged it onto the floor and then proceeded to roll around on it… Apparently Shih’Tzus are supposed to be untrainable, but I don’t think we’re gonna have any trouble with her! Sophie on the other hand…


No headaches today, took the dogs to the park, let Emmy off the lead for the first time. She didn’t try and run off or anything, and we walked all round, so that’s good. She gets tired very fast though, and it got hard to walk at times, because she was intent on attacking my trousers.

I beat Half Life 2 this morning, years behind everyone else. :p It was fun though, it’s not very often that I actually finish a game. Suppose I’ll try the next bit now.

miss you ._.

Fail title

Woke up blind again yesterday, it went away pretty fast with painkillers though it’s still annoying. Gonna go for an eye test some time this week, get new glasses and actually start wearing them. I think my eye is getting worse and it’s starting to give me trouble focusing, which is probably causing the migraines.

Took the two dogs and Emmy to the park again, again managed to forget to take my camera. Maybe I’ll have time later, but the days are starting to get shorter now and not sure how long the vet is gonna take.

On another note, I love winter.

I like the cold weather and short days, walking somewhere and it’s half dark, and seeing all the lights on in windows. You can always warm up in winter, but it’s so difficult to cool down in summer. I’m sure I’d be of a different opinion if I lived on the street or I had no money to pay heating, or I lived somewhere it actually snowed, but for now, it’s awesome. I’ve realised that I prefer to walk the dogs in the winter too, the moment the weather turned, I started thinking about taking them out again, something I really couldn’t be bothered to do in the summer.

I bought a pumpkin to carve for halloween, chibi suggested this but I think the pumpkin might be a bit small. We’ll see!