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College is over until after Christmas! I added £10 to my Steam wallet and have been spending it on games over the past couple of weeks. (Roughly £1.50 to £2.00 a game) Things could be worse!

Super Meat Boy is awesome, I can only stand playing it in small bursts, but it’s still good! I just wish it wouldn’t crash quite so randomly.  Normally right after I’ve got a bandage and I’m on the winning lap too.

Bob Came In Pieces is a very cute little puzzle game, it’s on sale today and tomorrow for something like £1.75, you should check out the trailer on Steam. Zombie Driver is on sale too but I don’t think I’ll bother getting it. I have too many games already.

I bought the second Humble Indie Pack, it’s a “pay what you want” sale but if you pay under something like 5p, Paypal eats it all and then charges them extra. I’ve not had a chance to play with it yet but I’m building up a nice little pile of installers, I’d been meaning to buy Braid so that’s good. The first one suddenly appeared on Steam a week or so ago, about a year after the first “pay what you want” sale, and everyone who’d bought it got a code, which is pretty awesome.

I got shatter, which is is Breakout but it’s not bad. The Steam achievement for it is impossible but oh well.  I’ve had some fun playing with the story mode and the music is decent.

There’s a few games I’m watching out for next year. Rock of Ages looks pretty cool, Diablo 3 I haven’t been paying much attention to but I will grab when it’s released. Onni forced me to play through D2 and it was fun. Portal 2 is a given.

Found this Dungeon Keeper remake thing earlier that looks worth keeping an eye on

Some of the stuff I ordered for Christmas still hasn’t arrived, but I think it may be at the post office, I have to go out anyway. Wish whoever is delivering some stuff (A dedicated courier, not Royal Mail) would stop throwing stuff over the back gate into the garden, I don’t see it before I and all the dogs and the chickens tread on it and that’s no fun.

Thorax is developing a magnificent tail, him and Abigail look like this now, they’re much bigger than the Black Rocks, but I guess that’s because they’re designed as a dual purpose breed as opposed to just egg layers. He’s starting to develop some good behaviour, he protects the girls from the dogs now (Sophie charges them sometimes out of sheer excitement and he stands in front of them and pecks at her now, which serves her right) and he won’t eat before they do now, he just stands and looks manly.

It’s all fun.

Tidied my desk and have managed to keep it that way for almost a whole week.

One of the chicks is sick :(

One of the chicks is sick, I think. She’s got crusty eyes and she doesn’t try and run away as much as the other two. If I hold her she doesn’t try and struggle and she’s a little wobbly I put her down. I’m hoping it’s just because she’s been in a big flock, and that with some good food and tlc she’ll perk up. I’ve put some grapefruit extract in their water anyway, it kills off the algae if nothing else.

I’m bored, I think I’ll go work out how much my Steam account is worth.

Eggs and stuff

It’s Hermia laying the eggs, she’s only missed one so far.

Except today there wasn’t one.

I think Emmy stole it… I went downstairs and found egg on the kitchen floor, perfectly cracked but no shell. Bits of shell on the stairs and no egg in the nestbox. None of the other 3 dogs care about the chickens but Emmy gets in there no matter what I do to keep her out. Need to buy some bits of 2×4 and build a proper little fence but I can’t without a car… Maybe there’ll be some affordable stuff on ebay.

Oh, and Steam is having a sale. Everyone in the world needs to own Altitude.


Sucks. Life’s a bitch and then you get cancer. At least two family members have it at the moment… Seems to be what everyone dies of eventually… But hopefully he’ll be fine!

That fortress I made fell to orcs when dwarves refused to pull the lever to get the bridge to go up. Next time I won’t build it outside. It doesn’t seem entirely worth playing, the whole time, I’m waiting for the next release to come out.

MSPA update for today. Damn. Worth watching through even if you’re not following it. I can see why he sells the music too.


*finally remembers to grab torrents of the new eps of Survivors and Being Human* I managed to miss them being on telly, kept tying to sky+ them but it wasn’t playing. Should pick up the new years Doctor Who, I missed that too… I really am not good at sitting down and watching telly. xD

They’re both exactly the same size, lets see which downloads first! So far Being Human is in the lead by 1.5%!


It rained today, most of the snow is gone now, can see the road and the grass in the back garden for the first time in ages. Oh well, maybe it’ll snow again, maybe it won’t. At least things will deliver properly now.

There’s some racing game for freeplay on Steam at the moment, gonna see how that works tonight. Should be fun. I miss Onni so bad though… He woulda played it with me. He would have been prodding me to play it with him, even after he lost his arm it didn’t stop him for long. He gave me so much motivation to do things, he’d prod me into playing new things or listening to something or whatever… At the moment, nothing seems worth doing, all I want to do is sleep.

I’ve had a headache all day, time to go find some dinner…

Ben there, Dan that.

I wrote a whole long rant earlier but I don’t think I’ll post it yet. Maybe I’ll leave it for new year, maybe I won’t post it at all.

They’re promising snow for tomorrow, which is nice.

I bought L4D2 today. The bits I played of it were fun, but it really pissed me off when I tried to alt-tab to answer an IM, and it took EIGHT MINUTES to minimize. Seriously, wtf.

Also bought “Time Gentlemen, Please!” and “Ben There, Dan that” at the same time, as they were cheap on Steam and I liked the names. Haven’t played much yet but seem fun.

Here, have some musics. I love the video on this. Always worth watching again. :p