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Oh yeah, I promised a post didn’t I.

:p Sorry I’ve been absent, college got hectic all of a sudden and then I re-discovered Minecraft and whoops, here I am. I’ll try and get back into daily postings, gonna go back and edit some of the songs I copped out on, like the one from a movie. I haven’t actually been listening to much music lately, been busy doing other things that it interferes with.


day 18 – the first song I heard from a band I love

That’s a big one. A lot of the songs I’ve got are ones Onni sent me, like the Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds one that I did a few posts back.

So I’m going for Butthole Surfers – Pepper

Saw the lyrics under somebodys avatar on SomethingAwful, followed it and ended up there. Good AudioSurf music.

Things I have done this week:

Made my AHK alarm clock even more awesome. (Variables!) It’s much easier to edit the time and stuff now, I really should try programming properly again, I’m sure I’d be good at it once I got into it, but if I don’t have something I want to make I just get distracted and forget…

We built an awesome castle on Minecraft! Here is my screenshots folder! You can’t really see the castle but it’s cool! I’ll take more pictures later.

Sent off Strawberry Magic, this CD burner is kinda iffy, maybe I shouldn’t have bought the cheapest one… Also sent Chibi a birthday present (joint with Tera) which he will install himself without wimping out. <3 Kirrus bought me Sanctum, so I got him a book. Sanctum is fun if a little short at the moment. Back to Minecraft!


Gonna send them the game out tomorrow, also sending your thing, Kirrus, sorry it took so long. :p

Tera your guinea pig is almost finished but I might add a bit more to it.

I need to clean and polish my boots. The weather has been getting better recently, a lot warmer but it’s not good enough to wear easy shoes yet. I have switched the outside tap back on through the little valve inside.

Jenny has offered me a greenhouse from her old place, but despite the fact it’s only a couple of streets away, the house is empty, we have a key, and I’d only have to go round the back anyway, for some reason I can’t go round there and get it until she’s got free time, and she’s sooo busy at college! I think she’s just stalling for time to see if she can sell it instead. It doesn’t have any panels in so I’d have to buy some, but that shouldn’t be too hard. I assume I can either buy dedicated panels or I can just get the right glass/plastic cut to size somewhere. If there’s anywhere you should be able to buy glass, it’s St.Helens

I want a greenhouse so bad, and if she keeps dragging her feet I might just buy a new one. Can get a decent looking one for like, £200 with panels and a 5-year guarantee. Plus it’d have assembly instructions.

Oh yeah, this post title is “Chickens!” that’s because we got another one. The RSPCA have our phone number, and a woman phoned wanting to get rid of a chicken, because she had two but one had died and the one that was left was lonely. It’s from the same farm/batch as Thorax and Abigail, and I can’t tell the two girls apart now, apart from the fact the new chicken, Daisy was she was already named, is a lot shyer.

We’ve had her a few days now though and she’s settling in, not running around with the flock yet, she goes off on her own a lot, but they’re not pecking her or outright rejecting her, and they all sleep together. The first day Emmy noticed she was new and went over to inspect her, at which point Thorax PECKED Emmy and Emmy hasn’t been near her since, but none of the other dogs even noticed as far as I can tell. They’re all scared of Thorax anyway. She’s also laying an egg every day! (The chicken, not Emmy)


Not doing my homework!

Guinea pig is coming along ok. I also spent 10 minutes making a pin cushion to hold the needles I’m not using. It wasn’t supposed to be ridiculously cute! It was just red and cream and then suddenly it wanted eyes and a mouth! I’m starting to build up a collection of Porings…

(Those’re the felting needles stuck in it)

Paid for a month of hero on die2nite, it was around £10, well expensive, more expensive than a month of WoW even, but I’ve put a lot of time into it so it’s nice to give something back. I doubt I’ll buy a second month at that price though.

I managed to explode a fountain pen cartridge all over myself the other day, that was interesting. Pen I got is lovely, makes me happy every time I write with it, but due to buying the wrong thing, I only have one cartridge that fits it and a load that don’t fit anything so I have to transfer the ink with a syringe. At least they’re the same size, I think when these run out I might just buy a bottle of ink instead, at least it’ll be harder for me to explode that.

Got another guy asking about the Strawberry Magic game. I think brother’s got it at the moment.

Thorax has taken to crowing loudly, but I really like having him around. Three of the dogs went for him the other day and he not only stood up to them, he won! They’re shit-scared of him now. I hope he learns to stfu though, I really don’t want to have to get rid of him… He’s so big and heavy that he’d be on somebody’s plate before you could say “shut the hell up you stupid chicken”

Kocoro cancels update : Interrupted by Dwarf Fortress

Hmm. People came round yesterday, the deaf anorexic, her kid and the man with no feet. It was fun, we went for a walk, he did remarkably well.

Still playing the new DF release, one patch has been released so far but it’s still buggy as hell. Very few things that’re game-breaking for me so far, though, just one fort where everyone refused to use the main stairwell. In my current fort I seem to be having issues taming wild animals, but it might be just because I don’t have a dungeon master yet. (Edit : it is)

I hope. ;_; I have three wolves, a breeding pair of foxes and a couple of deer all sitting in storage.

I wonder which rocks are magma safe… Having my metal industry 150 z levels down is kinda slow. Using burrows to make a metal crafter live down there permanently but stupid dwarves keep going down there to drink his dinner, sit on his chair and sleep in his bed, ignoring the fact there’s all those things over ONE HUNDRED levels closer to home. Managed to fix both of it with restricted pathing (setting one square to mean 80 steps or whatever) but it’s still a pain. I can’t just seal him in totally because then the upstairs dwarves freak out.

Pif. About half an hour after I typed all that, the game bugged the hell out over a couple of inconsequential ramps that weren’t even inside the main fortress and I had to give up, I wish channeling worked properly. Digging a 5-level pit shouldn’t require micro management to the point of each individual square. I wanted a pit shaped like this (side view) x being open space and – being solid wall. It could have worked if the miner wasn’t an idiot.


Instead I got something like this.


My “best” miner threw himself all the way down it, broke both his legs and then complained he couldn’t path properly to dig himself out. He’s now lying on the floor of the hospital while my diagnostition drinks heavily.

And I’ve not even tried getting a military going yet.

Anyway. I booked the pups in for the groomers on Monday, Emmy is well cute with her long fur but it’s started to get really badly matted if I don’t brush her twice a day. Time for it all to go! I tried trimming Emmy’s bum and almost two days later she still hasn’t forgiven me. I offered her a pigs trotter earlier as a truce, so she’s not as upset as she was.

Somebody mailed me requesting a copy of Strawberry Magic, that was amusing. I sent one off. Most of my (very few) hits seem to be from people searching for that, (STRAWBERRY MAGIC 90S PC GAME OMG PHYSICAL COPIES STILL EXIST?!!), which is kinda amusing.

I think I’m gonna go to bed and see if my fort has sorted itself out in the morning.


I just realised, that “Curry for dinner!” was my 100th post.

Other than that, I think I’m getting a migraine. Mint tea and food is helping, it’s probably because I didn’t make any food until 7pm, just had one apple when I got up.

Won the ebay bid on the Strawberry Magic game and donated £1 to Haiti too. Also bought some bulbs for a lava lamp I’ve had for years, sitting totally dead, and some new screen protectors and a new screen for mums DS. She’s managed to wear it out or something, in just over a year.

Also bought a new SD card for my flash cart but it hasn’t arrived yet, gave my one to brother at Christmas, he’s getting great pleasure out of Pokemon Platinum.

Headache. I’ve slept most of today, I’m so lazy…

I’ve been trying to write this for about 4 hours, I give up. afk.

Good lord


Look at those graphics! Time dulls even the most vivid of memories.

Went out today, had an interview with a woman about getting Carers allowance, which basically means I’d have a bit of money, instead of absolutely nothing! She helped fill in the forms and everything. Then we went to Tescos, bought some Boczek (Basically really fatty, ready to eat ham. The English wiki page just redirects to “Bacon”) and some more Pukka tea. The Three Mint is made of awesome and they don’t sell it in the Tescos near here… (They don’t sell much really, middle of absolute nowhere…) also had a veggie burger at the pub nearby before getting a taxi home.

I really, really miss being able to get to a bookshop. I want a nice, second hand bookshop, where I can just seek out the scifi section and stare blankly for ten minutes before grabbing something random off the shelves. All that’s within a bus ride is… *gets distracted by google maps* Apparently there is one book shop, hidden away, selling mostly “sports and celebrity books” oh well. The only other thing that’s there is a WH Smiths, and their books are so expensive. What few they have.

Amazon is great, but it isn’t the same.

All in all, it was a long day, but good I guess. After that we came home, put the shopping away, and I played Dwarf Fortress for a bit. My favorite dwarf died though! ;_; She ran out the front gate for some spurious reason and detected a goblin ambush with her face.







Here’s the map of my current fortress, anyway. I added a load of Points of Interest at the side. It’s interesting to see how it grows over time. I didn’t know the DFMA linked maps together like that.

Curry for dinner agaaain!

The racing game was fun… Tempted to gather together £20 and buy four copies of it. It wasn’t overly brilliant, but I still liked it. The football bit was the best, a bit like trying to play football on a bike, on grass.

Torrents, haven’t ever really had a problem with them. There’s the odd thing I found hard to get, an obscure film mum wanted, Serenity (For some reason I could only find one torrent and it always stuck at 95% and was packed into a rar, maybe Firefly fans don’t pirate what they can buy…) the odd very obscure game. I try and buy films and what-not if I can, I bought all the Firefly DVDs and Tera got me Serenity eventually. I bought 28 days later and Fight Club the other day too, but I dunno, it’s like a demo, why should I spend money on something if I’m not even sure I’m gonna like it. DVDs are so cheap now anyway though…

Yesterday was ok. Brother came round, he was in a bad mood but he’s got an awesome new laptop, I filled it up with games for him, but he kept whining about wanting different things I couldn’t get. (An obscure PC game named Strawberry Magic. It was a puzzle/adventure game about a kid who got turned into a strawberry or something. If anyone can find even a mention of that, beyond a single “OMG YOU’VE HEARD OF IT OMG” then you are a better man than me. If you can find an actual copy of it, you are God.)

I have a sudden urge to play dos games now, having done that for him. There was a CD with 99 games on it that I loved as a kid, managed to dig it out of the “these shouldn’t actually work anymore but somehow they do” spindle and installed that for him. (All you actually need is fun.exe and the GAMES folder)

I also managed to disable the bullshit security school had put on his laptop. Whoops! They’d disabled him from downloading any .exes but at the same time hadn’t bothered to put any safesearch or anything on. Had to turn off his (about to expire) virus protection for a while too… *whistles* Windows 7 is pretty shiny though, I hadn’t had a chance to play with it before, it looked pretty decent but I think I’ll stick with XP for now. The whole taskbar “LETS SHOVE EVERYTHING INTO ONE ICON AND THEN MERGE IT WITH THE QUICKLAUNCH SO YOU CAN’T TELL THE DIFFERENCE” thing confused me a little but I’m sure it was curable.

Granddad also came round. By the time he left, I’d been volunteered as an aircraft catcher/hunter/fence hopper or something. Should be interesting if he remembers to ever pick me up. He does something with model airplanes but I’ve never been 100% sure what, apparently they have motors in or something, I just thought he chucked them and hoped they flew.

I dunno, I’ve never really had a real conversation with him, I know I should, I just get shy around people. I get scared I’m gonna say the wrong thing and that they’re gonna dislike me for it or use it against me, even though I know they won’t.

Then we had a curry and brother went home and I played Dwarf Fortress for a few hours while I tried to unwind my brain. The end!

I think I’ll go install DOSBox…