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*stumbles in*

It is way too hot. I feel like I’m breathing the heat, it’s kinda annoying. I sweat through my shirt just sitting outside, not tried riding my bike in it. I know it’s cool compared to some places but we were rolling in snow not that long ago!

Bees look kinda fun. Also, circular saws.

I have toooo many games to play!

Tropico 3 (Seems kinda like SimCity)
Altitude (Heavy Weapons Delux. WITH PLANES)
Gonna buy Napoleon Total War when I get round to it, to see what all the fuss is about. I think I have Rome sitting around somewhere too, maybe I should try that first.
Forum I go on recommended Afterlife, and I managed to find the discs after only 10 minutes of searching. It works in DosBox but the sound is a little dodgy.
Creatures whee~
I bought the Humble Indie pack while it was cheap.

I really need to stop buying games.

Ordered the second “A Song of Ice and Fire” book. I love Amazon. Uhh.

Damn it’s hot.

Got a speedometer thing for my bike, working out how to set it up because the instructions are terrible.

Guess I’ll play Altitude for a bit and then go outside and annoy the chickens.