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Put the Christmas tree up, it’s held down with lots and lots of duct tape so Emmy doesn’t knock it over. I made bacon and sausage and eggs and beans. If you ever find asda online selling “Manchester Sausages” buy them, they’re not full of custard and bananas like I was expecting, or drugs like mum was, but they’re pretty nice.

I’m sitting here with my two screens and Terence’s laptop open, I feel like I should be controlling an aircraft or something.

I might tidy and rearrange my bedroom, it’s still full of boxes from when I moved.

Gah I dun wanna do this next assignment, it’s so boring. T_T

Dig On For Victory

Lots of things today!

Mothers day presents arrived. I got her “Birdman: The Many Faces of Robert Stroud” (He wrote a recommended book about chickens) and two WW2 book reproductions. Eating and Digging for victory, she seemed pleased enough with them and the gardening one is interesting. They had “Make do and Mend” too but it didn’t seem as fun.

I cleared up my little bookshelf in the hall which is stocked entirely with Robin Hobb and Tamora Pierce (Fantasy writers write way too many books) and then hoovered up all the sawdust the hamsters reject from the cage and everything. Was good because Terence insisted on dragging his social worker up there to show her the hamsters later on. Still get slightly paranoid about anything being untidy when they come round, all the years of sudden inspections. :/

Then we had lunch! I tidied downstairs and then got bored of sitting around watching mum wrap birthday presents and started to tidy the front garden. Dug out the little flower bed between the house and the path down to the alleyway, threw some flower seeds all over the place. Then raked at all the dead grass on the front lawn for a while. I managed to get rid of about 4 years buildup of dead grass and leaves and in the process found flowerbeds, complete with flowers! Then I mowed the lawn with the mower blades on the lowest setting, so it’s basically just soil and the odd stubborn weed now. I guess I should throw some lawn food at it or something to get it going again. Digging the flowerbed was interesting, I found bricks and all-sorts buried in it.

Terence and his social workers arrived just as I started mowing, I finished though and then we went out.

Me and mum went to Ikea and M&S yesterday and got him nice stuff, teddies and cake, he got those today but we’re gonna have another little party for him on Sunday. While we at Ikea there I got a disco lamp for my room that hangs from the ceiling… Gonna put it up tomorrow! I’ve always wanted a proper one.

I had a disco lamp that sat on the floor, when we first got Emmy. I put it on and she chased the lights around the room for a while, then just sat staring at it, pawing it occasionally. Then it kinda died because I think the bulb I was using was too strong and nothing I could do would revive it. The next day though she went up to it and started pawing at it, and when that didn’t work she went and tried to plug it in! Seriously, she looked at the plug, looked at me, looked at the plug socket and whined. She’s too smart for her own good.

Anyway, we went out, and then we got lost! xD It was like, a three-mile drive and it took us over an hour. She’d forgotten her satnav and the directions we’d been given were vague. It was a fun night though once we got there, it was his 18th today and that means he’s finally moving away from all the social workers who’ve looked after him for the last 10 years. (Moving from child services and into adult, or something)

All-in-all, it was a good day. Gonna try and do the back garden tomorrow and see how long I can keep it up.

Sleepy Sleepy

I am watching Heroies (s01) just for the hell of it. Up to like, ep6 now.  It’s something to do.

I dunno what to write, didn do much today, tidied up a bit, ate… I don’t really remember. I guess I spent most of the day watching Heroes. I just wanna see how s02 panned out, I never got back into watching it after season 1. Had a shower, ate like, 6 oranges.

We’re out of fruit again. ;_; I ate all the nice oranges in like, two days. I’m in a fruit-mood at the moment. If I get hungry, I eat fruit! Better than eating crisps or crap. At the beginning of this year I ate practically nothing but chocolate, that was annoying.

Although, there are some of those white chocolate oreos downstairs…

Hmm. I dunno. :p Think I’ll stay up late tonight. I’m in a mood to just start typing and see where it goes.

Christmas Trees and Hoovering

I did SO MUCH today. Got up at 2pm and worked solidly until 9pm, at which point I fell asleep. It’s now 4am and I’m wide awake…  But I tidied the whole living room! That involved picking up EVERYTHING including dogs and chairs and putting them all on the sofa so I could hoover properly. Then I tidied the little hall and hoovered it, then I hoovered the stairs, then I put together the Christmas tree and mum decorated it. Doesn’t sound like much, but it was a right mess.

Washed my hair properly (ish) then got mum to cut it. I said “A bit shorter” and a minute later I noticed the sheer amount she was throwing in the bin… I’ll dye it again tomorrow, it’s easier to dye if it’s short!

(Me looking thoughtful trying to work out where the hell VLC is saving my snapshots. Turned out it was in “My Pictures” I didn’t even know I still had a folder named that!)

Goin out tomorrow hopefully, if mum is well enough and it doesn’t rain. I can’t really think of much else to say. The pups are fine, the hamsters keep knocking their water bottle off. Can go whole days now without Bella attacking Sophie. That Pomeranian is still for sale, 5 months old, £150, housetrained and with all her shots. The dog she’s living with at the moment is bullying her badly.

The book I bought “Rise of the Iron Moon” or whatever, is apparently the third in a series. NOWHERE, absolutely NOWHERE on the book does it say that. It just expects you to know who everyone is and about past events. Irritating.

Maybe I could get my blog to work without titles

I had a really screwed up dream earlier, so here I am.

Been really busy the last few days, sorting things out for Christmas. Tidying, messing it all up, tidying again. The kitchen looks good. Spent all of yesterday just clearing out the cupboards, organizing them, all the things mum uses a lot are at the bottom now, and all the things I use or she uses rarely are at the top where she can’t reach ;D Mum’s made mince pies (which we then ate all of over the course of an evening, they was good), a christmas cake and lots of interesting things. I might make another lemon sponge, but am probably gonna spend tomorrow tidying the living room.

Damn, it’s Thursday already. Think we’re gonna put the Christmas tree up on Saturday. Brother will be here on sunday and as long as mum’s ok and the weather’s good, we’ll go into st.helens for the Victorian thing they’re putting on.

Day before yesterday, we lost Emmy. Was eating dinner and realised she wasn’t jumping all over me. Called her, no response. Put dinner down and went to look for her.

Half an hour later I’m putting my coat on, getting ready to go walk up and down the street, when we hear a very muffled “mrrrr!”

Stupid, stupid dog had managed to jam herself under the cabinet behind the sofa. I guess the gap is about handwidth with all fingers spread. She still hasn’t really recovered, she’s been very quiet and subdued, and for most of yesterday she was actually content to just sit on somebody’s lap, she never does that! She’s resting her chin on my hand right now, makes it kinda hard to type but oh well. I dunno what happened down there or how long she’d been stuck before we started looking (I went upstairs for 45mins before dinner, mum wasn’t really watching her) but it definitely traumatised her somewhat.

I thought she was dead. I thought something had fallen on her or she’d suffocated somewhere and that we were gonna find the body by scent in a months time. Dunno why she didn’t bark or make a noise while we were looking for her, maybe she was embarrassed? :p “I can wiggle out of here, I totally can, they’ll never have to know, I can get out of this!”

Don’t think I’ve let her out of my sight since. xD

My computer has crashed twice today, in two different ways. One is a CPU or driver problem, the other is just XP throwing errors at me. I’m gonna start backing shit up, gathering drivers and all that, and then after Christmas when I’ve got a nice new hard-drive, I’m totally reformatting. I would do it now but since I’m gonna have to after Christmas anyway…

Question of the day. If you got £80million tomorrow, what would be the first things you’d buy? I’d buy myself a really nice, really expensive computer first off. Second things I’d buy would probably be a financial advisor and a holiday cottage. ;p

Day… Something

Overslept this morning. Fucking pissed at myself for that. -_- I set my alarm well loud, when I woke up, it was carefully turned off. Here, click the link. I think I’ll set my webcam to record, just to see wtf I do, if I’m actually awake and I just don’t remember it, or what… It requires getting out of bed, walking over here, and messing with the selotape over the volume knob on the speakers. I need more tape I think…

Gonna rearrange my room tonight I think. Guess I’ll get started on that once I’m done with this.

Took Sophie to the vet, in a week she can be taken for walks! Think Bella is off heat now too and all the dogs are fully wormed as of today. Wormer needs to be once a month for the pups and once every 3 months for the big dogs. I wonder if you have to cycle through the different brands like you do with horses…  Probably not. I also need to drop the vaccination card in at the vets some time because I forgot to take it with me today.

The vet here is cheap! £27 for 6 wormer tablets and Sophies shots today, the time we took Sophie for a checkup on her chest, they only charged us for the wormer, £1.27 or something in total. Never would have gotten that in Manchester, they practically charged you £25 just to walk through the door there. Normally no more than a 10-15 min wait here either.

I do miss Manchester sometimes though.

I went to the co-op earlier to get some stuff for dinner, and I saw 7 houses all with Christmas decorations up. Like, the full blown flashing lights and Christmas trees. They get started early around here… Pretty though, I like walking in the dark and seeing all the houses warm and lit up with decorations.

There was one house that was really pretty, I wanted to take a picture of it.  Maybe I’ll take my camera with me the next time I go out. They’d gone all out on the lights and tinsel and had a big Christmas tree in the corner, but it was still fairly tasteful, no inflatable santas or whatever.

For dinner I made a sort of selection-plate-thing, carrot sticks and celery and tomatoes and squares of cheese, and other things I don’t remember, with dips. It was nice, I’m really not in the mood for meat at the moment…


Yesterday arrived – Two rolls of wrapping paper and one box of scented candles. Yay for M&S 3 for 2, christmas tree was included in it but that arrived a day earlier for some reason. Also, This is a really nice deal for buying Christmas presents or something. They have some fairly cheap stuff, charms and whatnot. Putting in glam10 at the checkout also gets you another 10% off.

Didn’t do much yesterday that I can remember. I went to bed about 4am, was woken up at 6am because Sophie had gone to sleep on mums bed and the big dog Bella was attacking her. Suppose we won’t try that again until she’s older. Oh yeah, I played DwarfFortress for a bit. It’s gonna be awesome when he finally puts the big update out, wonder if he’ll manage it before Christmas.

The hamsters are getting fat, I can see one of them sitting in the wheel now. Can you put a hamster on a diet? Is there really any need? Maybe they naturally go that shape when they grow bigger. *takes a picture of it, uploads it, looks around at hamster to see if he’s moved yet* *hamster is happily washing his balls* -_-;; At least he keeps himself clean?

Not much has happened today, I didn’t get up till well late, I had dinner, here I am. I think I’ll tidy my bedroom, and then do a bit more of the guide Tera’s trying to make me follow. I just get bored easily… Great, I can now make a thing that insults you if you have a short name, where’s the use in that. And my one wasn’t half as pretty as Teras. xD

I just ordered the Nail Gaimen – American Gods and Terry Pratchett – Nation off Amazon, anyway, so that gives me something new to read.

List of dates and obligations
November 30th – Take Sophie to vet for her final shots, pick up wormer for all the other animals. Ask about the fact Sophie is so much smaller and her gums are so much paler than Emmys.

Try and get to the German Market in Manchester some time.

December 12th & 13th – Interesting looking thing happening in St.Helens, some Victorian event with carols and guided tours and a craft market. Brother would enjoy going to that.

Christmas! (Shop for: Grandma, Granddad, Tera, Chibi (whut dus you want?), Mum, Terence, Jenny (Who have I forgotten?))

Jan.. Something… Tera’s birthday, don’t let me forget again this year. :p (When am I gonna come stalk you again?)

Do christmas shopping
Tidy my room
Give my little alarm a proper gui maybe, maybe not. It works ok as it is.
Play more of Dragon Age
Finish fixing the layout for this blog
Play more Dwarf Fortress <3