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Chickens have laid one egg every day since then. I think it’s Hermia that’s laying them but I guess it could be Henrietta. She tends to pull all the hay out of the nestbox and then lay them in the sawdust, I think she’s sitting the wrong way round, with her arse over the edge. Oh and the eggs taste awesome, better than shop-bought eggs for some reason.

Emmy keeps getting into the chicken coop and just kind of standing on the chickens. I think she thinks they’re other puppies or something, it’s totally non-aggressive. Sadly, the two big dogs go absolutely nuts when they see her in there and I had to pull Henrietta’s head out of Bella’s jaws the other day. She lost a few feathers but seems fine. Was the day before we started getting eggs and she’s not been off her food or anything.

I’ve been spending most of my time playing the new Defense Grid DLC, finally managed to get all gold medals on it. Just need all golds on the story mode challenge now! I love this game so much, I’ve managed to log 45hours so far (26.9hrs in the past two weeks) and that’s only on the Steam version, I’m sure I must’ve played at least 10 on my PlayGreenHouse version before I forgot where I’d bought it and my login details and generally everything about it.

Halfway through the first part of the third A Song of Ice and Fire book. It’s made of awesome. In fact, I think I’m more than halfway.

Drama ahoy!

Last week our internet connection went real slow, I’d never paid it much attention but it dropped down to 386k from around the 3mb it was before. So I plugged the router in downstairs to see if it made a difference, when it didn’t we phoned Sky and they muttered something about a cap and pressed a button and it shot up to 6.6mb, 8mb in the engineers test socket. Yay. I plugged the router in upstairs and it dropped to 1.something, I left it there for a couple of days and bought 30ft of cat6 cable, some ends and some crimpers off ebay, plugged the router back in downstairs and made a hazard of the stairs for a few days. I really don’t want to be wireless. xD

Anyway, a couple of days ago it dropped back down to 386k. Idiot on the phone said “WE ARE RUNNING A DYNAMIC LINE MANAGEMENT TEST CALL BACK ON FRIDAY” and nothing I could do would make him say anything else.

Tried phoning back again, “Clear your cookies and reset your router to factory settings!” despite my insistence that wouldn’t do anything that was all he would say. I did it anyway and it did nothing and by that point he’d put the phone down.

So whatever, we waited till today (Friday), an hour on the phone and four different idiots, we finally got somebody competent. It’s now at 4mb but the guy says there’s still errors on the line somewhere between here and the exchange, he did push it up to 8 but it was too unstable to do anything with. An engineer is coming over in the morning to take a look at it for some reason. The guys on the unofficial Sky support forum have also convinced me that a new faceplate for the main socket would be a good idea but I haven’t bought it yet, it’s not too expensive, but lets see what happens!

Oh, we live near the railway line and I saw a steam train go by the other day! Couldn’t see the actual train but it sounded different to a normal one and there was a big plume of steam. Don’t know if it was a special service or what. (It was going from Earlestown towards Newton station)

Christmas Eve! Whee~


Some people try too hard with their Christmas lights but I’m just putting it up for the music really. TSO is awesome.

We’ve just got a very basic tree this year, but some of the people in the street have the full house-covering, seizure-inducing displays. I meant to take the camera and walk around the neibourhood, for Pavili, but I forgot. All the snow is melting now and it all looks a bit of a mess anyway, but typically, there’s more forecast for the day after tomorrow. The snow came down massive about midnight last night, and has been melting ever since, I guess that was it’s last gasp. I’ll post some videos on youtube once I can be bothered, I stuck the camera out the window and recorded the best bits of snow a couple of times.

So! Christmas Day tomorrow! And my two main presents have yet to be ordered. xD (Decent HD and L4D2, but that’s down to £20 on Steam until Jan 3rd, so I guess I’ll grab it there) The two things I ordered for mum haven’t arrived either, but one of them is coming from Australia and I only ordered it a couple of days ago and the other is Threadless, which is always slow.

Comp hasn’t crashed in a while, I guess whatever I was doing to make it pissy, I stopped. It probably took against DragonAge or something, I’m certain it wasn’t overheating anyway. I never did get round to running the memtest thing but I will do it if I crash again.

What else, what else… 28DaysLater DVD arrived, maybe I’ll watch it with the audio commentary later. My shirt from Threadless arrived too, I’ll wear it tomorrow.

Up to s04 of Dexter. If a series starts that looks interesting, I generally follow it weekly, but eventually I’ll miss a week and then suddenly I’m 6 weeks behind and it just seems easier to wait. I very rarely watch stuff on telly, I sometimes get distracted by whatever mum’s watching, but I rarely got out of my way for it. Doctor Who is one of the few exceptions.

Mum made mince pies and sausage rolls and cold-ham sandwiches and cake and trifles and I think she cooked one of the turkeys. Brother helped, sort of. Busy day, Grandma’s coming round on Boxing Day so we’re having to tidy up extra so she doesn’t trip over anything or whatever.

Hmm, I wanna play Defence Grid now. (I can’t spell Defence with an s, no matter how hard I try, my fingers just don’t want to do it!) I bought it for Tera yesterday when it was £1.70, it’s gone up to £5.something now but it’s still worth a go. I like tower def games, they’re fun.

Time for a shower methinks.