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1. Emmy fetched a stick yesterday and kept bringing me tennis balls to throw the whole time I was doing the garden, today. A dog that fetches sticks, wtf, none of the other three showed any interest.

2. Taking Bella to the vet tomorrow, she’s suddenly really showing her age and has put on weight, gonna get her weighed and see that yet says.

3. I tidied the back garden, mowed the front and back lawn then dug over half a flowerbed, fuck that’s hard work.

4. Politics is fun, fuck anyone who don’t listen to my ramblings.

Emmy really isn’t scared of anything, if I’m hoovering she comes over and tries to feed it toys to get it to play with her, if I get out the clippers and buzz them on her she just sniffs them.

Both pups went to the groomers and are now bald and amazingly ugly, pictures will ensue.

My arm hurts, bed time!

Day… Something

Overslept this morning. Fucking pissed at myself for that. -_- I set my alarm well loud, when I woke up, it was carefully turned off. Here, click the link. I think I’ll set my webcam to record, just to see wtf I do, if I’m actually awake and I just don’t remember it, or what… It requires getting out of bed, walking over here, and messing with the selotape over the volume knob on the speakers. I need more tape I think…

Gonna rearrange my room tonight I think. Guess I’ll get started on that once I’m done with this.

Took Sophie to the vet, in a week she can be taken for walks! Think Bella is off heat now too and all the dogs are fully wormed as of today. Wormer needs to be once a month for the pups and once every 3 months for the big dogs. I wonder if you have to cycle through the different brands like you do with horses…  Probably not. I also need to drop the vaccination card in at the vets some time because I forgot to take it with me today.

The vet here is cheap! £27 for 6 wormer tablets and Sophies shots today, the time we took Sophie for a checkup on her chest, they only charged us for the wormer, £1.27 or something in total. Never would have gotten that in Manchester, they practically charged you £25 just to walk through the door there. Normally no more than a 10-15 min wait here either.

I do miss Manchester sometimes though.

I went to the co-op earlier to get some stuff for dinner, and I saw 7 houses all with Christmas decorations up. Like, the full blown flashing lights and Christmas trees. They get started early around here… Pretty though, I like walking in the dark and seeing all the houses warm and lit up with decorations.

There was one house that was really pretty, I wanted to take a picture of it.  Maybe I’ll take my camera with me the next time I go out. They’d gone all out on the lights and tinsel and had a big Christmas tree in the corner, but it was still fairly tasteful, no inflatable santas or whatever.

For dinner I made a sort of selection-plate-thing, carrot sticks and celery and tomatoes and squares of cheese, and other things I don’t remember, with dips. It was nice, I’m really not in the mood for meat at the moment…

My DS is still a bit broken…

I have like… 4 people reading this, you’re the only one who comments here. :p But it’s good motivation for me to keep posting, I’m not very good at keeping up blogs. If I miss a week of posting I tend to forget about it and never go back.

Not sure about HTML in comments, I’ll look around for it. (- on testing, basic html tags work fine for me. It probably eats random brackets or links or something) I did enable avatars but I don’t think this theme shows them, oh well. There’s probably some nice easy way of making them show up but I’m not really bothered.

Took Sophie to the vet yesterday, mum wasn’t feeling well enough to go with me, but it was ok. Taking her back in 4 weeks (Monday the 30th, 2pm *notes*) for her second lot of jabs, and a week after that she can go on walks! She’s asleep on the floor next to me at the moment, using Emmy as a pillow. I’m glad they get along, maybe they won’t fight as much as Bella and Lucy do. Didn’t get a chance to take them for a walk today, as it rained steadily all day and it was dark by the time we got home from shopping anyway.

There we go! I’d never carved a pumpkin before! The cheeks should probably have been deeper, but I was getting bored by then. We bought an eating-pumpkin too and made it into soup, it’s a shame they’re so hard to get hold of here as it was good. Although I’m still not sure that pumpkin actually tastes of anything, and if it wasn’t just everything else in the soup that made it taste good.

Walking around the shops today, there’s nothing left of halloween, not even cheap sweets. Not a single pumpkin in sight anywhere either. Oh well, everything’s gone christmas now. They’ve put a christmas tree up in Tesco already.

Gonna try for that eye test some time this week, and also gonna take the whole bag of pennies I collected from around the house and pour it into the coinstar machine I spotted today, that should be fun, I’ve a bag of pennies so heavy that I can’t actually lift it without fear of the bags ripping, I think I’m gonna have to do a couple of trips. Been saving up for a couple of years and should be fun to see how much it goes for.

And star-struck he goes drowning

Didn’t take the dogs to the park yesterday, the vets appointment was at 4pm, and mum wanted to go shopping a bit, (leaving me to wait outside and take random questions from every child and middle aged woman within a mile) so it was dark by the time we got home. We did take them out today and I did manage to take pictures, so I’ll upload those in a bit. The vet says Sophie sounds much better, her heart is fine and there’s only a tiny bit of noise left in her lungs. She’ll get her first set of jabs next monday, she could have had them this week but the vet thought it’d be safer to wait until she was fully recovered.

So, Geocities is gone. I guess I feel that deserves a mention, I remember spending a few hours sitting in the UNoT chat setting up my first site and talking to everyone as I did it. It was good fun. When I heard they were going down, I made sure to back all my little sites up, although I’d forgotten how annoying the geocities bandwidth limit was. On a vaguely related note, I think I’ll see about getting myself a 1tb~ harddrive for Christmas, this 100gb thing really isn’t cutting it anymore. It forces me to not horde stuff, which is nice, but it’s starting to get full with just games.

I feel bad when anyone asks me what I want for Christmas as all I can think of is computer hardware, which is something nobody would want to buy me. New HD (or two :p) new graphics card. Maybe something so I can use my monitor as a telly, even if just for consoles. It’s bigger than most tellys, so seems a waste of space to buy a proper TV. Getting this monitor for my birthday was a good buy, even if the sheer size of it freaked me out at first.

I Suppose while I’m at it, I should work out how to connect mums PC to the telly, we’ve got this massive TV and we end up watching stuff on her tiny monitor, right next to it. (Teraaa :p)

– Koco then wanders off for half an hour, and gives the puppy a shower –

She’s going absolutely nuts now, running in circles and grabbing things and throwing them in the air and doing backflips and shit, barking at random objects. Guess I’ll go entertain her before she destroys the whole room.

(This is quite fun)

(“And all the jolly horses love and burn”, and the title line are the best two I’ve gotten)