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Things for today!

WoW offered me a free 7day trial. Been messing with it, but nothing’s grabbing me. Apparently my guild broke up, as did the guild I was going to join. Just, I dunno. But 7 days for free so oh well! Tera, and Chibi, that means you get 7 days free too? Log in and check!

They’ve started selling eastereggs already, that means by birthday must be soon, doesn’t it? (Edit : Google says April4th, and that easter will fall on my birthday in 2014! Awesome~)

Things I want and will probably have to save up for myself!

A decent harddrive since Christmas never worked out.
A nice, quiet, maybe even fanless graphics card and possibly a whole new computer to go with it.  Then I can copy Tera and attach this one to the telly and use it to just play emulators all day. That would be good. Would give me a reason to go downstairs sometimes too.
Books and, if possible, immortality. (Which I would totally go for)

Other than that, I’ve spent most of the past couple of days playing StoneSoup, basically a NetHack type thing. It’s fun, even if I never get very far. I don’t think I would have got the controls half as fast if I’d never played DF though.

Also, I got Mount&Blade in the Steam sale (<3) but haven’t really had a chance to mess with it yet, it looks similar to Oblivion. Was interesting that both Steam and Paypal objected me to being abroad. It’s understandable when you think about, but still a little annoying if you’re not expecting it and the sale ends in a couple of hours. :p

Hmm. I kinda wanna play Spelunky again too…



Went to the Victorian thing in St.Helens, it was kinda fun. Apparently most of the interesting stuff happened on Saturday, but there was still a table selling good cakes and a room showing a film from 1897 and 1900. All the old horse-drawn and steam-trams. Tera, I woulda bought you a copy if it’d been for sale. ;p It was really interesting, all being narrated by a guy in a wheelchair. Bits of Manchester and Liverpool from 1900 too, all the sailboats and other interesting stuff. I liked how all the trams were sponsered by people like OXO and Hovis, and how it was mad-dangerous to cross a road, even back then. xD

I didn’t win anything in the raffle and we didn’t get to do the tour of the Mayors Parlour because some woman in a big hat shouted at us.

Huh, “Residents from local care homes will be offered transport to join in the activities and share their early Christmas reminiscences with local historians. That explains a lot. There were old people in wheelchairs EVERYWHERE. The room with the tea and cake was worst affected.

That was most of today, anyway. Brother went home at 8 and I got distracted by a book. “Spindle’s End” I found it in the bookcase, it’s a retelling of the Sleeping Beauty story, a kids book that’s been lying around for years and I’ve never bothered to read. (I think Grandma bought it for me) but it’s quite fun. I like the idea of magic it presents. Something chaotic that people just try and work around, to be avoided if at all possible. Interesting that it hasn’t gotten any ratings above 4 stars, but taking it for what it is, it’s not bad. It filled an evening, started it at around 7pm, it’s 11pm now and I’m about 3/4 of the way through it.

– Go AFK for 5 mins and make yourself a cup of tea!

Now I has mint tea and a gingerbread man! Well, had a gingerbread man. Nom nom :D Half tempted to pay my WoW account again but eh. It doesn’t seem worth it anymore. Left4Dead2 is down to around £18 now. Mysterious commenter, you tried L4D? What did you think of it? I should play it more but I lack motivation and get distracted so easily. I want the new Dwarf Fortress release already… I’m not whining… I want it finished already. xD All the new stuff he’s adding sounds like it’s gonna be shiny awesome. Battle is currently one of the weak points of DF, I’ve found. You encase yourself, lock all the doors, problem solved.

I’ve prodded myself into wanting to play DF again now… Damnit. Think Dragon age, think Dragon Age, think Dragon Age… I’ve gotten pretty far, for me, but I keep putting it down and forgetting to play again. ;D

Shiny shiny

I did something I probably shouldn’t have done. Is anything broken?

WoW – I got my hunter to 70, and my Paladin to almost 50 before my account ran out.

I paid my RO account, still not entirely sure why, it seemed like a good idea at the time. There’s such lag T_T But I get to run around with Onni and actually be useful again <3


It’s 2008, that’s slightly odd. Gonna take me a year or so to get used to that. Should I make a new-years resolution or is it too late?


Okay – I have thought about them, and they shall be!

Get rid of the stuff I always skip through on my playlist.Beat HeroesV.

Talk to Tera more.

Hug Onni for real.

I think those’re good for now!