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Notes to various people

Youtube : Thankyou for finally fixing shuffle on playlists. (Not 100% kid-friendly, just click through very fast if a song about truckers comes on ^^)

Whoever invited BBCode : Great, thanks, now I’m so used typing out all links instead of pressing the button WordPress wants me to press that it’s really distracting.

Whoever said the new chicken coop could house 5 chickens : You liar. It’ll hold three at most, but it was nice and easy to put together!

My finger is doing a really irritating thing where it keeps locking and crunching. *relearns to type without it* Tera says my touch-typing is weird anyway. I guess because I taught myself and I have kinda big hands.

Took the dogs to the park today. Lost the ball within 5 minutes, Emmy walked over a whole pile of broken glass then complained her foot hurt. It was still going ok though until we got near the exit, two girls started petting the pups and Sohpie shook herself all over one of them (it was raining and she was also muddy) the girl roared at her and Sophie ran away. Right out of the park.

I walked the other three home, resigned to being yelled at and having to spend the rest of the day searching.

Stupid dog had run all the way home, scratched at the door to be let in and jumped into mum’s arms. xD We’re only like 10 doors down form the park, but still. She knows where she lives!

We really do need to get them chipped.

Mum’s sister Fran died a week or so ago. We sent flowers but can’t get to the funeral… It’d been coming for a long time, but yeah…